Bad Day At Black Rock

Behavioral scientists have recently discovered that a person's reality is based solely upon their perception of themselves and that as an extension, family, marriage, career and every other associative companionship is completely biased and fraught with emotional desires reflected from the torment that rages uncontrolled and uncontrollable within the patient's imaginary level of existence. These same scientists state that reaping rewards of a positive nature only encourages the misplaced thought that happiness can result from living in a totalitarian world where mental anguish and elation are both highly regarded and used to the selfish advantage of the 'have nots'. The many clinical studies and years long efforts that these scientists took upon themselves is not only noteworthy in the completeness and fully accepted truths which were uncovered, but the selfless drive and conviction that they could actually make a difference in the world is what carried them through to the completion and acceptance of their works. Commenting upon their far reaching discoveries one of the scientists, Mr. Glackenridge described it as 'coming home once again'.

Believing in yourself when all those around you have lost your faith is a place where desperation knows it's bounds. The last desperate hope surfaces and what arises from the ashes is the new born. "All patients are guaranteed a recovery." says Ms. Flopemdiel, another of the now world famous scientists. "It's not about money, it's about power." she goes on to say. "The masses, while navigating routes clearly demarcated are assured a place in modern society where they can find happiness, glee and cable television. The advent of overt population control is a thing of the past. The future has arrived and with that future every single body on this planet will have the capability of ensuring their own unique survival filtered through the requirements at the local level. Happiness is not just another word for contentment. It takes us much, much further than that. We are now in the land of Oz and there is no turning back."

Freedom from desire is freedom from ourselves. Truth and non-fiction have no place in our new modern world. Welcome to quality assurance!

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