Theta And The Control Of Mind

"We have a symbol in Dianetics which is the Greek letter theta. Theta stands for thought. We use it as a symbol because the word thought itself is susceptible to many misinterpretations, it has many definitions. So, let's just take a brand-new symbol out here and we say that's theta. Now, theta could be highly esoteric, it could be - you could say, "Well, they worship theta, or something of the sort," or something of the sort, but the point is that all it is, is a mathematical symbol. It's like we, if we named it "Ford car" or something of the sort, it would be the same as theta. In other words, it's a label. And by "theta," we understand the entity called thought or "life motivator." Alright."

- Transcript of the lecture "Theta Bodies", By L. Ron Hubbard, 1952

This is a very interesting quote."Theta" is the "life motivator" or "thought". A "life motivator" would be that which has the intelligence to decide for itself and to have the ability to act on those decisions.

Swami Hubbard was right to equate "life motivator" with "thought". Thought is the same because it requires the ability to decide for oneself, to compare relative importances. Or in other words, the intelligence to determine.

Do you see how Swami Hubbard, steeped in hypnotism and mysticism, sought to understand and control the mind? The mind is what Swami Hubbard felt to be the key to understanding mankind, the universe and existence. It is where decisions and the basis of motivation takes place.

You have a mind, but you are not a mind, and that mind has been used against you for the extortion of not just monetary items, but worship and obedience.

Looking at the world as a Scientologist, every time you use or hear the word "theta", use the actual definition of the word, "thought".

"He is a very theta being" becomes "He is a very thought being".

"I can feel the theta in this place." becomes "I can feel the thought in this place."

In a derogatory sense:

"You're not very theta." becomes "You're not very thought."

Now begin to ask yourself who has these thoughts.

Swami Hubbard was never interested in that concept. His desire was to understand the mind which then turned into how to use the mind to get what he wanted.

As Swami Hubbard learned, after you get people to act like chickens and dogs for a while, the fun starts to run out.

Isn't it time to stop playing "Scientologist"? Isn't it time to let go of the "mind" training and start to realize that head games are just that.

And if you have to "think" about it, well then - never "mind".

Swami Hubbard's Church of Scientology, Inc. worships the mind. Read the above quote again as see how "they worship theta".

It really is a church after all "or something of the sort," or something of the sort". (Becoming an expert in hypnotism does have it's rewards.)1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology as part of a particular series. 

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