The duality of existence requires the perception that another is in control, but that we have a choice in what we do and how we do it. It is then up to the "higher" powers that be, whether that choice is acceptable or not. We pay for our mistakes.

In a non-dual perspective, the choices we make are those which we consciously give ourselves. But since this "conscious" effort can only come from the mind, we must ignore these egotistical directives. Once we ignore the rantings of the mind, we then come to terms with Ourselves. From a "conscious" point of view, no matter what we do or say, a choice has no part of it. There is no alternative to Ourselves. There is no choice in determining rightness and wrongness. The totality of all That is creates the choicelessness with which we are.

The only way to realize this choicelessness is to betray the mind by destroying it. The ego must give way in order for That which is, to be realized. Sooner or later, it will occur on it's own. Some desire to place effort in making it happen at their discretion.

Choicelessness will create the desired effects. Using the mind to understand the mind will create the effort needed to realise the Choicelessness of All That Is. Effort is it's own reward. Choicelessness is the end result no matter the route, but efforting creates the sensations so desired by the mind.

In sensation the mind nurtures and strengthens itself. The choice is made, contrary to All That Is, but still a part. Surrender yourself, not to the sensations of "reality", but to the choicelessness of All That Is.

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