Awaiting Your Arrival

It could be looked upon that in the entirety of existence there is the one and only path of true knowledge. All others would then be viewed as being subservient and therefore frivolous. Is there one and only one way to achieve spiritual freedom? Could there possibly be only one exact way, steadfastly followed that ensures the ultimate freedom we so desperately desire?

There is only one way and that way is your bridge to spiritual freedom. If we assume that we are all different then that unique bridge which we would call 'our way' would be THE way to achieve the long sought for success of total freedom. The question, in this case, would be: how long is long? How long will you take to get there. How long have you been striving, with great effort, to achieve that which always seems to exist just beyond the edge of our grasp? There is only one way to achieve spiritual freedom and that single, solitary way is one of action. You must DO what is required in order to get there.

The doing, or the undertaking of activity in order to gain achievement, can only be accomplished by actually going out and purposefully performing actions to close the space between where you are now and where it is that you wish to be. A single, solitary path, or bridge, to that end result is merely to assist you or to spur you on. With laziness comes eternal enslavement. You will never get anywhere unless you WANT to get somewhere. The DESIRE must be created. In fact, the desire is already extant, all that must be done is to convince you that achieving spiritual freedom is do-able. Your bridge to spiritual freedom is the crutch which allows you to walk free once again.

You can't get there until the fire begins to burn from within. In order to help ignite and sustain that fire, the methods of such organizations that provide you with a piece of the pie is enough to start the momentum which will sooner or later carry you along with it.

Taking a moment out of your busy day-to-day affairs to contemplate spiritual activities is a momentous first step. Setting aside time each day to ensure that your spiritual well being is attended to is guaranteed to become more rewarding than exposing the physical body to scheduled work outs at the local gym. The needs of the body can never be more important than your future. The body dies, but the spirit lives on in the same pain and suffering that it has endured for all time.

It's really very silly to watch bodies being pampered while the spiritual nature of Man is completely ignored, but if you are reading this, then you probably already know better and with that knowledge you create your future. Within that future, spiritual freedom manifests itself by creating a tranquility and balance not experienced for a very, very long time. It's not only possible, it has already been achieved. All that is left to be done is to wait for your arrival.

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