Continuity of Choice

Mindless chatter, ever reverberating within the walls of our own choosing, incessantly calls for our attention. What if we were to let the moment pass? Would the echoes stir some long forgotten memory of what once was as a remembrance of some imagined commitment that ensures a response will be forthcoming? What if silence filled space with there being nothing left over? Would the mind survive or would commitment take on a new meaning?

Masters of work and play, we can surmise all we wish, but in the end all that will be left is our lack of control. At what point did we wish to become the effect of our causation? If you desire mastery, you will surely experience slavery in your quest. If you desire freedom, how else will it be gained other than through the creation of our own torment? In order for others to exist we must deny ourselves first and allow the universe in through the front door. Welcoming the experience, we never die.

Aligning ourselves with harmonic vibratory emanations keeps the fiddler playing his tune ever more. Dancing, our bountiful existence overflows and spills out onto everyone and everything wherever we may go, never escaping our just rewards. Do you hear the tune, or is that seemingly endless noise in the background what you have come to accept as your own reflection and failing to acknowledge yourself, you pay the piper instead?

The richness of creation is your bountiful existence. The beauty you bestow is a joy indeed and I take pleasure in the fact that wherever I look, there is none other.

"How about a nice game of chess?"

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