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Nice choice for a new topic. :smile:

Consider this: If the historical past stretches out to the horizon, what could possibly have taken place during that lengthy ‘time period’? Auditing uncovers considerations like crazy and perception clarifies, to some small extent, each time a resolution occurs and allows us to ‘see’ just a bit more. Imagine, if you will, that each ‘discovery’, each ‘unveiling’ shows not just the moment, but the trend of the past. Is this the first time that man has developed the capability to reach the moon? Hardly. Is this the first time that human cloning is taking place? Ha. Is this the first time that clearing technology is being brought into play? Sure. :wink:

Is this the first time around, or is it the second? Maybe time is being continually reset and we’ve lost our bookmarks. This really has nothing to do with VAST’s post, and I am beginning to scratch my head as to where I am taking this…

There is a philosophy that expounds the idea that everything in this universe has already been done, everything that could be discovered has already been discovered. All that is left is just one thing, and that one thing is yourself.

So basically, what I am proposing is that in the future, clearing will be looked upon as a starting point in which to take the next step. What is that next step? I’d say that it would involve spiritual freedom and that would mean the thetan having a deeper understanding of the mind and of how the thetan’s considerations create the universe in which it suddenly finds itself. If you have ever had the realization of a consideration and of how that consideration instantaneously becomes reality, of how even the thought of the consideration IS reality and of how the idea itself vanishes while the reality remains — then you would have had a hint of what is to come.

This is why those who have a deep spiritual understanding say that freedom is already here, right now. The effort you exert in making it otherwise is what prevents you from realizing this.

… and then I woke up from my dream. :smile:1

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