The Effects Of Wasting Away

Watching television is such a rewarding adventure. It not only occupies the mind with meaningless limited sensory data, but it also, as a side benefit, encourages the ingestion of equally meaningless sensory data via 'snack foods'. When our time is up, we move along and place our physical restraining devices called 'the body' to it's subscribed resting place for it's well deserved time period of fanciful dreams and imaginings. Waking, we rush to fulfill every person's dream -- a job where we can waste away our attention and intention. After being sent home, we dutifully repeat our programming.

Is this what some have come to call 'Life'?

Of course not, but for many people on this planet, it is the only hope of existence that they have. Imagine, if you will, if one day, something changed. Imagine if, out of the blue, an unexpected thought roosted within consciousness demanding attention. What if the life we are leading is not real?

Will the thought drive you deeper within the depths of escape, or will it fan the embers of desire. Will the thirst of freedom become an unquenchable urge in which you place total trust, or will you resolve yourself to reading the future by picking up the TV guide.

When the fire begins to burn within, all hell breaks loose and the world becomes a very different place. It becomes a place in which to express the urge for not just spiritual knowledge, but of spiritual freedom. It is at this point that it becomes shopping time.

Shopping for like-minded individuals and organizations to aligned oneself with becomes the order of the day. The urge continues to grow and with that, our demand for release grows as well.

When shopping, it is sometimes beneficial to recognize that the produce we bring home, even though it may satisfy and sustain us for a while, may not completely fulfill our spiritual needs. But if you are lucky enough to find a large enough grocery store, your needs will never be denied!

By expanding your world, you expand your horizons. Luckily, there is enough produce for everyone!

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