Hallowed Halls

We walk the hallowed halls of our own imagination, forever seeking to remain quite enough to listen to the echoes of the cries in the night. Longingly, we envision a better life, and yet day to day, we endure our meager existence. Hope beyond hope, we relax into the clear vision of the best and the brightest. Changing channels, we explore infinity and find to our delight that we are not alone.

Listening to ourselves, we convince all those around us that life exists solely for our pleasure. "Freedom!" goes the cry, out somewhere in the peripheral darkness of our minds. Taking shape, we run in ecstasy knowing full well that the shadows hold the key to our frightened selves. Walking softly, we usher a new era into our lives only to find that somehow, it all seems so very familiar. Just above and beyond the mass of idle thoughts, we begin to develop the exposure so lovingly created.

Do you hear the echoes? Have you seen the call? Do the shadows reveal themselves to you in all of their wondrous glory? Living is all that it is meant to be, surviving is everything that it is hoped for, and yet we continue to deny ourselves by ensuring that others may live.

There is no life beyond our own. How it is that you treat yourself, is how others shall treat you. If you know it all, you will be found out. If you know nothing, alms appear at your feet. The knowledge of the ancients is already past, with the new replacing the old. neither will suffice. Neither grant the freedom in which we have fervently endowed with godliness. The Maker of All sees all, and you are it.

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