What Are You Doing Tonight?

Speaking, we hear the call, but upon closer inspection we realize it is nothing but the echoes of our own thoughts, reverberating in our empty space. Appearances, as always, are as deceiving as we are. Within the empty space, we purchase all that we can in an effort to fill the void. Not only do we fill the empty space, but we fill it many times over unleashing a balance due in times to come. But what matter is that, it is the future not yet to come.

Or so it seems.

The future, as all else, has a tendency to creep upon our doorstep unnoticed and unwanted. When it arrives, we hide within fully expecting it all to just 'go away'.

What goes away is nothing but our confront.

Emptying the space and laying claim to our inability to keep a clean house, we come to see that we are neither. Freeing ourselves from our own painted corner, we come to find that freedom is all that it is cracked up to be, and more.

Arising in our own nature, we express ourselves and loudly proclaim "I live!". What lives will surely one day die. Getting beyond our birth and death, we arrive at ourselves, whole and complete. We are the one, we are the many.

Spirit in motion, defines motion and it's movement. The Gods will surely be pleased, but fooling ourselves we pretend otherwise. Engaging the universe, we seek the future as quickly as possible completely denying our presence as we are. We are nothing more and nothing less than what we see.

Taking comfort in our own individually unique environments, we rarely escape our own bounds in order to realize that 'something is out there'. What is 'out there' finds it's foundation 'in here'.

In or out, the bounds that hold reserve more than the environment in which we take the utmost comfort. The road less traveled is surely the most dangerous road there is. That is what makes it, and freedom so exciting. Rare are the few who wish to swim the outgoing tide in order to regain what was lost.

Effort encourages us to strive and in striving we eventually arrive only to find that all we need do is just give up the holy ghost. Amazingly what we do not wish to see becomes that which we are unable to resist. Drawn like the moth to the flame, eventually we get burned.

Cleansing ourselves from ourselves is such a silly game, but what of the alternatives? Shall we let the tides of humanity carry the spirit of freedom out to sea only to be lost to the depths of despair? Rising above, we gain altitude with an attitude. Do we favor the attitude or the altitude?

Reaping rewards in the game of life are the just rewards of playing. Not all make it and those who do are blessed and cursed. The curse of responsibility far outweighs the curse of living the bodily dream. But it is no curse at all.

Gaining ground, we take flight. In motion, we find expression.

What are you doing tonight?

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