Using Stats For False Report

Sometimes, you will see various people in the 'freezone' using statistics as a means of justification of their rightness. What is interesting about this justification thru numbers is the fact that the reverse Scientology that is being practiced in the 'freezone' is made out to be not only acceptable, but something which everyone should take part in.

Take Alan Walter's Knowledgism. Knowledgism is a 'based on the works of' deviant practice which involves creating clusters of beings for one's own use. Thats about as far removed from Scientology as one could get, but yet Alan in a message that he posted to refers to himself as having stats that promote non-Scientolofy in the so-called 'Independent' field (another name for the 'FreeZone').:

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From: "Alan C. Walter" <>
Subject: Re: Misapplication of Ethics
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:38:1100

My suggestion to you Mr. McClaughry is to go study the GRADE CHART.

There you will find where ETHICS fits on the Bridge.

Your eval is a mish-mash of half truths, untruths and straight out lies. It
is an operating serv fac. Easily demonstrated by your obvious lack of stats.

No. of people audited this week. 0

No. of auditors made this week. 0

No. of students trained this week. 0

No. of new people contacted this week. 0

No. of books sold. 0

No. of Intro lectures done. 0

No. of sign ups. 0

No. of people producing co-audit hours ? but less than 20 hours. If you, J
and V are co-processing.

You are the ultimate out-ethics have no stats. No Stats = No
Tech. No Tech = No ETHICS.

If fact it appears your sole goal is to STOP others producing.


Please notice how Alan infers that his statistics are well above the '0' mark. In other words, Alan is clearly making it known that his 'based on the works of' Knowledgism is doing well and should be promoted by others - even though it is reverse Scientology.

The books Alan sells are obviously his own authored works and guess what, they sure don't promote Scientology.

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