Trends are such an interesting area of study. Not only is this area generally overlooked, but many times, it is actually avoided.

The reason for the avoidance of this area is that most individuals, over time, slowly narrow their focus of attention until what eventually remains is a tiny, thin area of 'reality'. When that happens, looking past one's own imagination becomes darn near impossible. With the enormous amount of fixated attention, how could it be otherwise?

Before trends, projections and interdiction can come to be acceptable as being 'real', a large amount of the fixated attention mentioned, must be freed up. No one can understand, let alone see, what is going on at the neighbors, until an understanding occurs first, within one's own home. Of course the term 'understanding' is much the same as directed attention placed in time and with purpose.

The amount of attention available to be directed is in direct relation to the amount of freedom you have allowed yourself to have from your own case.

When you have the freedom to 'see', you will see some amazing things in this universe. You will also begin to see the trends that have made it so and in defining these trends you will notice a strange experience called 'no time'.

I am not referring to the popular statements "There is no time.", or "I am outside of time.". I am referring to the ability of actually recognizing that time is the canvas of this universe. When one is truly separated from time, then any moment or experience in time may be, not re-experienced, but lived afresh. This is what is called the ever elusive concept of 'time travel', except there is no travel involved.

When an individual is actually above time, time becomes the canvas with which one may paint whatever is desired. Perhaps you may now see the relationship with the subject of trends.

It would be a mistaken idea to think that trends in time only flow forward. They do not. It would be a mistaken idea to think that trends are just haphazard occurrences in this universe with no definable means of creation, purpose or goal. They are not.

Before patterning can be understood, the individual, upon which the entire universe is based, must first unfixate itself from it's own attention. It is the 'me' generation and has been for quite some time. Luckily, we are on the tail end of it, relatively speaking.

Trends can be managed and many times you will see historical events defining that management. It is much harder, though certainly not impossible, to define trend management on a 'real time' basis, but generally, this is not an acceptable alternative. What is acceptable are historical perspectives.

Historical perspectives help to clearly define the management undertaken and usually point to the purpose or purposes involved, though not always. Gradiently, looking back in time is a way to understand what is occurring today, or at least that is the hope. Generally, this results in positive understanding and growth.

But there is a bigger picture here.

In order to fully understand and acknowledge trends a wider view must be undertaken. Ultimately, there is no looking back as being immersed within time already fixates the needed attention that must be placed elsewhere. Directed attention, when it comes to trends, must have no bounds.

Having no bounds for directed attention may seem at odds with accomplishing whatever it is that has been set out to do, but in fact, there is no disparity. To the degree that bounds are placed is to the degree that attention becomes fixated.

Looking at one thing, we fail to see another.

Trends come in all shapes and sizes. From routine 'habits' such as waking at some particular hour in the day, to the journey of one particular sub-atomic particle from it's moment of creation in untold times past, to it's destruction in the far off future.

From dominating influences here on Teegeeack, to freedom inspiring groups based on far off planets. From a single particle of sand that just 'happened' to fall in a human's eye, to the large scale destruction of a galaxy with thousands of inhabited alien systems.

Understanding the make-up of a trend is neither difficult nor complex. Sometimes, death and destruction are required, while at other times, no effort is spared to save the most seemingly 'unimportant' person there is. It is not fate. It is not chance. It is a fully understandable process and a completely knowable subject.

I've called a ruling authority many different names. From "Grand Council" and "High Council", to "Council of Twelve", or even "Council". Names reflect the time and times, but ideas, or trends, carry much more than the day.

Whether 'Makab' or 'Marcab', whether 'implant' or 'remembrance', it makes little difference other than for local understanding.

Whether a star system is located in one corner of the universe or another, it makes no other difference than to those with fixated attention.

To think that an undying spiritual being could lose it's sense of location. How funny!

To think that a spiritual being, who has trapped itself within some particular body must have everything in it's place and a place for everything is not funny at all, but truly sad.

Breaking the trend of self-enslavement takes courage to recognize that no one did it to yourself, but you, yourself. When you take full responsibility for yourself, it is at that time that you will begin the journey of taking responsibility for all that you see around you.

When you catch a wave, you catch a trend. When you make a wave, you change history. When you change the course of a tumultuous wave to benign shallow waters, you make the future.

Directed attention can be had in two different ways. One way is to have it be self-directed, and the other is to allow another to direct it for you.

There is actually a third avenue. Unbounded attention becomes placed as needed. Whether it is self-directed or other-directed means little in the overall make-up of a trend. With unbounded attention, a trend becomes unbounded from it's owner and thereby 'up for grabs'.

Releasing fixation, the impossible becomes the routine.

Moving, all else moves.

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