Surmising Your Own True Nature

Keeping the score, the checks and balances of life weigh and outweigh the issues at hand. Coming up short, the strive for bodily existence becomes that much more firmly entrenched in the mind of hope. Hoping to live, we come to fully understand death. Sleeping the dream of existence, we eventually awaken. It's just a matter of time.

And the matter of time is moving through it. Rushing headlong and headstrong into the night, we continuously stumble over the obstacles we throw in our way. Can it be any other?

Life, as we know it, has ceased to exist long, long ago. There is no life when death is being fully assimilated.

Embracing that death, we yearn for physical comforts in the hope that filling ourselves, we will lose the sleep from our eyes. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The basic goodness of Man is undeniable and in so doing, that goodness pretends sleep rather than face what existence has become. Creating what we see, we become the created and so affected, dreamland sets in.

Needing company, we come to find that is all we see. Agreeing with ourselves, we surely will then be able to 'be right'. It's not the 'rightness' which is in question, but the 'wrongness' being misapplied. Gazing deeply, we fall asleep.

To break the mirror of the life we see all you need do is to stop being 'right' in the name of the 'wrongness' you just happen to 'see' all around you.

Dancing in the arms of freedom, there are no emotional sways of attention but merely the same, exact presence you have to come to take comfort in since time immemorial. Choice is not thinking with the mind, reactive or not. Choice is validating your own rightness.

Who else can be such an expert in surmising your own true nature than you yourself.

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