Seeing The Way

Explaining the unexplainable can be a full time job. Not only that, but ultimately, that job always fails. Spiritual knowledge never comes from any other means than you yourself. When you are ready to see that knowledge, you will see it. When you are not ready to accept that understanding, you will do all you can to obfuscate it.

There is no such thing as 'hiding' truth out in the open. Truth, as it is, is as it is and nothing else. When spiritual knowledge comes to be understood there are no hidden secrets of old to be initiated in. All that need be done is simply to look. All about us truth lies naked and waiting for discovery. Actually, it is more like begging to be discovered.

Truth is like that - actively seeking it's understanding. And so we see it's demonstration in many, many ways in our daily lives. That is what our daily life is all about anyway - the discovery of truth.

Spiritual truth is not a discovery through trickery or deceit, it reveals itself simply and boldly. All you need do is look.

What better use of lies and deception than to point the way to truth? In fact, that is exactly what they are doing - pointing to the truth. All roads lead to spiritual truth, it's just a matter of what road you choose to travel. The trail of tears or the highway to heaven, either way may be chosen.

Choosing one's own future can sometimes appear to be quite difficult, but appearances are nothing but highway markers designed to keep you going in the right direction.

Seeing the way, why not take the necessary steps to arrive at your ultimate destination?

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