The State Of Clear

The state of Clear is such an interesting phenomenon when viewed from the point of view of every-day man. To the blind who walk the Earth, this state appears desirable only in relation to their every-day existence, of how it can be improved. This, at least, gives a starting point but reveals little of the actuality of that wonderful state, to be free from one's lifetime of reactionary urges. Yes, to be free from the problems and concerns of one's current life. Imagine that. A state where all the accumulated emotional turmoil which one has gathered since birth, vanishes. It's gone.

It's like coming out from under a rock. It feels wonderful! And it is.

It's hard to relate the peace and tranquility that comes from releasing all of one's pain and suffering since birth. It's a new freedom and it's also a new way of living. It's a gigantic leap forward in one's evolution. How does one which has not experienced this state come to understand it's nature? All that can be done to impart the idea of this freedom is to hint at it's effect. An emotionally charged individual is highly unlikely to see much more than the nose on their face, if that. And so, the state of Clear, of releasing one's self from the emotional attachment one has developed over the course of their life, can only be fully understood by experience. This is one of the reasons that the Clear cognition is so important. It demonstrates that the individual has a direct personal experience of the state, not a learned response, but a direct personal and heart-felt experience. It's one that an individual will never forget.

The state of Clear is a milestone and as a marker along the way it should be celebrated and recognized. A Clear can now be trusted in ways that were previously unattainable. A Clear can now be relied upon to provide a much more true and accurate account of reality. It's like being reborn because the being is reborn.

It's like coming out of the sand box and realizing that there is much more to life than being caught up in a reality which is purely imaginary. It takes great courage to see one's own beingness for what it is and to move beyond it. When we leave our toys behind we come to be children no longer.

And this is the purpose of clearing one's reactionary bank of data and information for when it comes to be cleared, we no longer become the effect of it. What freedom! When all those about you are losing their heads, you can be sure that a Clear is much more likely to stand firm and grounded. They have come to know more about who and what they really are by eliminating distractions. Yes, the reactive mind is a distraction.

This wonderful state of new existence is not the ultimate goal however. As a Clear comes to fully acknowledge and understand their new reality they then come to see that from their new perspective of life, there is so much more that must be accomplished. This is when the fun really begins. And it really is fun, especially when one is no longer subject to their reactionary upheavals. As the state implies, a Clear is able to see with clarity and as that clarity begins to expand, it comes to take in the entire universe. Or perhaps it is the other way around. In either case, if one doesn't do a good job on the Road to Clear, then one will surely fail on the Road to Spiritual Freedom.

If one backslides, then certainty has already failed to be established. If one lacks that utter certainty, then one is only fooling themselves. Even worse, if one continues along pretending the existence of a clarity which so obviously is llusionary, then all will be for naught. That is quite contrary to the state of Clear not to mention basic honesty.

When we stop pretending, when we even WANT to stop pretending, we take our first steps into a reality that will not only open our eyes, but will reveal our spiritual nature. It's true that as an immortal spiritual being we can pretend that we are deaf, dumb and blind to all that we wish - forever. It's true that as an immortal spiritual being we can pretend that we are born and that we die. We can pretend that it's fun to live in the 'fast' lane, collecting possessions and getting the body to experience every sensation known to man. We can forever trap ourselves by our own design. We can do anything for as immortality has no price our actions only take us where it is that we wish to go. Where is it that you wish to go?

The state of Clear is a monumentous step on our road to recovering our selves, our true reality, our true being. While the blind who walk this planet pretend to see, the Clear walks and observes. The Clear sees.

It's like going to watch the latest movie. The audience becomes captivated with the moving pictures and 'experiences' the ups and downs, the action and drama represented by those pictures. They pretend that they are IN the movie. The Clear, on the other hand, looks around at the audience and notices the degree to which the audience has immersed themselves in the movie. The Clear will notice the movie as being a representation of something else in just the same way as the audience is a representation of something else. Where the audience relishes the opportunity of a new experience, the Clear merely observes.

Where one knows no better, the other is deeply knowledgeable. Where one is captivated, the other is free to do as they please. It is true that we create our own problems and the Clear knows this only too well.

With this deep sense of awareness and knowledge the Clear readies themselves for what is to come, for what ever lies ahead as they will instinctively know their dynamic alignment has just begun. With their new sense of awareness bold new steps will be taken into areas undreamed of by the movie goers. Our spiritual immortality ensures that the vastness of existence becomes complex or simple to the degree of our own choosing.

The Clear is certainly stepping in the right direction. Who in their right mind, with a correct definition of what a Clear is, would disparage that?

Sometimes though, one of the movie goers will be unable to contain their glee and exclaim: "What's the matter, aren't you enjoying the movie?" For some, there just isn't a good answer. How is one to tell a lamb not to follow the rest to slaughter?

It's a question that deserves contemplation. It's a question that drives us to be all that we can be.

The answer is to be spiritually free, wholly and completely. It is then that we find all our answers and come to be full-filled. When there is nothing more, then we are done.

Perhaps we should make a movie of it.


10 Aug 2005

A Bit Of Clarification

The movie analogy is a bit misleading even though it was presented in the way it was to make a certain point. A Clear may or may not decide to look around at all. Besides the freedom to look, there is also the freedom to not look, the freedom to direct one's attention where one wishes with full knowledge.

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