Naked To The Eye

When you look at another, what is it that you see? Do you the petty problems of life and living or do you see the unfathomable spirit within, expressing itself in some small way?

How we see those around us is a reflect of how we see ourselves.

When you see greatness you recognize that greatness in yourself. When you see pity you see the emotional expression of a small part of your potentiality. When you see spiritual wonder, you are beginning to come face-to-face with your own true nature.

Grasping 'reality', it will always elude our grasp. Grasping ourselves, there will never be a moment when you are separated. The close one is to their own true nature, the happier that individual will be. The further away from ourselves we are, the more sorrow, pain and suffering will we endure to set ourselves right.

Enduring ourselves, we come to accept no other. Existing across the dynamics, life and living pale in comparison. There is no greater reward; there is no other greatness than of ourselves in motion and when that motion merges within not greater happiness comes to be found for 'finding' becomes a moot point.

There is only one path to the happiness that you hold within and that path is following the road of happiness. What better indicator could there be?

Even truth is secondary to the happiness within.

Imagine that. Spiritual freedom is nothing more than happiness cloaked as being. What inexpressible joy there is in the Freedom of one's own nature!

Leaving 'reality' behind and in the care of those who 'need', spiritual unfoldment begins and ends. There is a simple method of achieving the complete joy and happiness of spiritual freedom - just follow yourself. What better teacher could there ever be? What better student could there ever be?

The road to spiritual freedom is littered with the corpses of bodily existence.

Don't be surprised to find laughter all along the way.

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