Oldies but… well, oldies. Here are a few little tidbits from the past. Most of these don’t have endings, so if you like that part the best, give ‘em a pass.

Remember, these are just oldies for fun - which haven’t seen the light of day before, probably for good reason!

Here is one from 1984.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Look Cyergal, there goes another one!”

“Yeah, I see it. It’s fantastic isn’t it?”

“You ain’t just a whist’lin here come the Lunarians for dinner period.” replied Sibylia.

“What in blazes are you talking about now Sibylia? Oh, never mind, I don’t even want to know.”

“Anyway, why are all these Hildarian cruise ships coming into port for anyway. It doesn’t make sense. The only time a Hildarian shows up is when a psychical rippling is felt by them.”

“Yeah, I know what the manual says Sibylia. What I don’t get is who or what is causing the effect. There’s been a lot of weird things happening around here lately and I am not so sure that the Hildarians are just RESPONDING to it if you know what I mean.” inquired Cyergal.

“Well, I haven’t really noticed, but it does fit together doesn’t it. I’m a grunt man, not a psyche operator, so I don’t really go into that stuff. I know you do though. What’s cook’in in the ‘ol noodle?”

“Many things my friend, but now is not the time. Let’s get going.”

Both Cyergal and Sibylia continued their walk to the Azure. The Azure was their prospecting capsule. It actually looked more like a bulbous spider than any type of space ship, but they were fiercely proud of it. The prospecting capsule was their house and home as well as their life’s work.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Here’s one from 1985:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Gaynor, the inward way seems blocked and diverted off. I have trouble seeing through the mist that binds my eyes. How do I part the way that hinders? “

“Ah yes. This is the way of most adventurers. This my young friend is where you and all others part company. You alone can follow your unique and individual path through and past the mistiness of space and time. Seek and ye shall indeed find.”

“But how does this help me in my quest for clarity?”

“Believe it or not, I have just given you the answer to even more than you have asked. Make use of it before tossing it away as only spoken words.”

“Words,” explaining Felnar, “as you have taught, are but an outward expression of that which is already defined within. I try to listen to your unspoken guidance as well as to the words that you speak, but with this I seem to have much trouble. I known your meaning yet other unspoken words and thoughts seem to interject into my understanding of what I know to be true. How can I reject this as it rejects your meaning?”

“Well, I see that you have indeed been coming along nicely. Where have you been hiding yourself Felnar? No matter. To answer your question is to answer that great mystery of all. To understand all is to know all. With this all words and thoughts are as one. One in your understanding. Remember, one in understanding is knowing all. It is not understanding but one side of a decision, but equally understanding both sides.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = “But Master - I don’t understand, why can I not just be like you are. Why must I go through all of these teachings. Why do you not just give me the knowledge you have. It would save so much time and energy.”

“Kenor, this too you shall learn as you learn all else. A being cannot learn but by and through his own individual experience. My knowledge is but my own. The knowledge you receive becomes your own as you desire. Take heed of that - desire. For you cannot learn the lessons that I have been taught in the past six trillion years in this but one moment of time. You cannot possibly understand lesson five without FULLY realizing ALL the implications of lesson one. Only YOUR experience can give you the knowledge that I try to impart unto you. I cannot teach you about life unless you desire to know about life. I cannot teach you understanding unless this too you desire.

Be not impatient, for as you realize and understand each lesson, you advance to the next, and this too you will come to understand. My advice to you at this time is this; Put you trust unto me and I will guide you. Desire to achieve what I have achieved. Reflect and contemplate each lesson. FULLY understand each lesson, for the lesson I give has many meanings. Only until you see and understand the REAL meaning does it impart the understanding of the lesson. My words confuse you. Understand this and understand it well, I am your teacher, put your trust unto me as you have never put forth unto anyone. In this way you shall see.”

“Forgive me Master. I do not wish to be at odds with you, but within me a battle rages and at times I cannot control it or even be aware of it. I do trust you. Forgive me.”

“Again, Kenor, you shall understand for this is what you desire. It is as well, what I desire, and so it shall come to be. Follow the path, and if you stray - realize this; you have strayed.”

“Thank you Master. Your words indeed do put me at ease. Even your presence enlightens my life. Tell, what is it that I can do right now - what should I be doing?”

“You can only do that which you feel is right. Be true to yourself, and most of all take heed of the words and thoughts and meanings that I speak of. Listen, contemplate, and understand. Rise above and connect yourself with the lights and powers that are. I tell you this Kenor, you have done well, I know that you do battle with yourself. I also see that you have followed the right path - If this was not you would not be here to lean more. You have chosen and will choose the right path. This I see even though you comprehend it not.”

And so, Kenor left his master to contemplate these things that his master revealed. Kenor knew that deep within himself he was doing the right thing and he reminded himself of this every day. But yet the constant battle raged on and at almost every major turn the battle was lost. Each time this occurred it seemed his master was there to help him overcome himself and to help him continue down his enlightening path. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Another 1982:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Enat, when will the Krevue become what all the rest have thought it to be?”

“In due time my son, in due time.”

“But how long must we wait, isn’t there something that we can do now?”

“We must wait and be patient, and continue to become what we know must be. The time is not right. Haste will do nothing for us. We must wait. So let us continue our lesson. Close your eyes and let your mind flow. Forget all worries and thoughts, feel the forces of life and absorb and understand whatever you can. The forces of life are the key to all that exists and will exist, and all that has been in the past. Let your mind see, hear, and feel, and think not of me or my voice, but of the life forces and remember always - it is the key to all.”

“I’m trying Enat, but every time I leave my body and feel the life forces I see darkness and I become afraid.”

“Do not be alarmed, darkness is the veil of life, for life to exist there must be death - so you shall see both sides , life and death. Do not attempt to enter the darkness of what you see, peer into it and look for the answer to your question - it will come to you.”

“What will happen if I try to venture into the darkness?”

“Do not!, for it is there that the Comnor forces lie, to venture into it is to invite death and agony, you are too young to venture just yet, we will speak of this later. Now, try again, let your mind flow, do not look for an answer, just become accustomed to the feel of the life forces, do not venture into the darkness and do not be afraid I will be with you, for I am the Master and no harm will come to you. Leave your body and let your mind flow.”

“Yes, I can see, it feels much more comforting that you are here. This is a new world - so strange yet so familiar.”

“Seek an answer Eron, of what the Krevue are to become so that you may be satisfied that the time is not right for us to be useful to the world.”

Eron, son of the Master of the Krevue, began his search for his answer. He was in a second world with a light mist shining all about him, and in the distance a dark forbidding gloom. This was one of the worlds that Enat was the master of. Standing there besides Eron in this strange new world was Enat, comforting, and yet he looked so different here than in the mortal world.

Slowly without realizing it Eron rose his arms up over his head and there before him, a vision of the future appeared. A great battle was being fought in an unknown place with strange beings…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Both Harns were from the planet of Carnen, known to be highly evolved in the theoretical prediction of the future. The formulas that made this possible were derived from that select group who were called the Pasendral. These people were from the same line of descendants who first decided to work in the unknown, unwanted, and highly criticized field of theoretical patternization. During these times this field of science was in the dark ages and one man referred most commonly to as Karn was ultimately responsible for its rapid development years ahead of its slowly evolving state. This Karn, although he passed down the original formula, none know of his death, his children, or any effect on the current times. All of this occurred perhaps sixteen generations ago.

The original formula for the study of theoretical patternization was crudely written - none know if it indeed was the original but through the years it was slowly improved until at last it became accepted by the population. it was at this time that the world of Carnen devoted their entire efforts at studying the experimental and solving the theoretical aspects of patternization. The importance of this great field was so high that the world leaders were the masters of this ancient art, and the people were so resolved in their study that none passed on the knowledge to other worlds and those that tried, as always, failed. Information from all sciences remained on the planet. In this the scientists were successful and as a result the world of Carnen became a great world.

Many branches of study evolved from the core of theoretical patternization. The world was a scientific fantasy for the masses. Future prediction, past history confirmation, trends, evolution of the past, present, and future of mankind, animals, plants, planets, star systems, galaxies, and so on. There even became a special grouping of masters to study time travel, theory and applications.

The race of this world ultimately came to a meeting of all minds and the question was posed; “What is our own destiny, why are we here, what purpose do we as a people and planet have in the destiny of the universe?” This was truly a troubling time for the world. “Where do we ultimately find ourselves?” “Do we continue to study and master all our arts until we eventually accumulate all the knowledge that there is to know?”” With the power of science that exists will we become lazy and depend upon our machines for all our work?”

After three years of debate and thorough studying, one solution came about. Do away with the calculating machines and develop the mind so that the people will rely upon themselves instead of putting all their faith in machinery. This, it was said, will solve the problem of a wasted people and keep us busy for six million years and during that time an update of our current solution will take place. As to the destiny of our people and world - we are a peaceful world and with the power within us we will assist all worlds to strive for the peaceful. We must help the universe to co-exist and grow in one direction. This our studies show, must come about. We must extend some of our knowledge to other people. With the power brought to us from the original theoretical patternization formula we must not play with worlds as our game plan sees fit but must only guide and assist those that show a far above average ability to endure in a peaceful environment. We can make no mistakes as these will cost untold lives. We must slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully assist the proper worlds to achieve a better end than that which they have set for themselves. All intrusions into alien worlds will be thoroughly reviewed.

As a result of a new direction and goal the world of Carnen began a renewal of life. It is somewhere during this renewal period that the following occurred during file KAZLE5614 on a world in the Valiora system, subset 163 on the day of 314 Encounter Phase 3 step 1a goal 9c.

“This planet is definitely beautiful, Kaladir.”

“Yes, but we do not know too much about this world. I’d suggest that we stay within the path of the Zalar for our protection.” replied Kaladir.

With reluctance Arrad slowly strides back in line of sight of the ship so that the rays of Zalar can protect them from any harm. Around them are mountains rising up into the sky. They landed in a narrow valley for initial studies of this planet before coming into contact with the people who populated this world. The ship was on a large weather polished rock that slowly dipped down to meet a lake. The mountains surrounding them were very sharp and rising many thousands of yars upward. Snow was visible in the mountains almost halfway up the sides reaching the tops in a blinding white aurora. Scrawny brushes and trees were everywhere on the landscape.

“It also worries me about the Colonial Sphere, if they do show up at least we can be protected within the Zalar.”

“Okay, ease yourself, I won’t leave the Zalar again. With all this beauty around us it was easy to forget our troubles and just relax for a few moments. But now, back to business at hand.” replied Arrad.

Turning toward the ship both Harnians began their return to the familiar home that they grew accustomed to in their thirty six Paron journey.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We have only the knowledge of our descendants. New facts can only be based upon existing knowledge. Or so we thought. Our land was peaceful, our people knowledgeable, our planet in harmony with its dwellers, and then came the unexpected. None thought it possible, only until the very end did most believe it to be not only possible but also probable from even its infancy stage. The development of it staggered the imagination and fed upon our life’s forces. Ultimately, it was born upon its own, and there after became to be surviving. This prayed upon our inner most lives and stuck so strongly that few saw it in the beginning.

We were too involved into evolving our thoughts, bodies, and minds. How could we ever build defenses for what was never known or thought to exist. Fear resides in no one yet there it lives, waiting for that certain proper moment. It shows itself, I never would have guessed. Defenses that could be created were fashioned quickly and never used. Once our thinking had crossed that invisible barrier we devoted all our energies into protection. Protection is only as good as that which it was made to be used as a protection against. We soon realized that there were too many variables and no protection could be used to ultimately guard against all dangers.

We were forced to revert to that which displeased the entire world, offensive weapons. We had to protect by repelling and destroying before we were destroyed. Again our minds sought weapons to be used against our enemies in the most peaceful and nonaggresive manner possible. The weapons that were built served its purpose well, but we caught up with our inner selves. This weapon which was so destructive and powerful ever got into the wrong hands it could seriously upset the balance of the universe. We had devised a weapon so horrible that we ourselves could not use it. We reversed the process and destroyed all evidence of the weapon ever existing. Our minds were blocked and all was forgotten, yet the enemy was still upon us. We were facing total destruction in place of the universe being destroyed. We had to do it - we gave in hoping that the survivors could continue our work and lead us to our peace once again.

It was our only choice. Then when the enemy came we knew we had made the wrong choice. How unpredictable it was all becoming. They not only killed many of us outright, they tortured us and played upon our fears without mercy. We knew they could never possible find out any information about us or our work but yet they insisted that it could be done, and the torture continued. Soon there were only a few million of us left, then thousands, then hundreds, then only a dozen or so were left… a dozen. How could they be so destructive.

The remaining few were in a far worse situation than those already dead. These few were mentally altered, a by-product of the torture, and were kept for novelty items. Living beings used for amusement, could death possibly be worse. Cruelties unimagined were performed, but yet always short of death. The survivors were no longer members of a vanished civilization, they were creatures of an unknown past.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =1

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