We Three Kings

There are always wise men through the Ages which have come forward in their time of need. Never forsaking their origins, these 'kings', wreak havoc of a different nature. Changing themselves, the universe changes and in it's glorious demonstration, Life exacts it's revenge. Gaining ground, there is nothing to lose but oneself in the imagination of desire.

With the Knowledge set forth as handed down through the Library of Fate, tomes of data find their target and subside only when the job is complete. Revenge is always at hand when the deeds which are done in virtue reap their rewards.

Finding and desiring, knowledge loses itself among the dusty corridors of one's mind. Passages remain dimly lit as the writing on the wall becomes indecipherable. Clearly, the way becomes clear in due time, spending due effort in it's release. There are no torches of freedom here, only the quiet echoes of one's own footsteps as they pass the test of time.

Moving along and looking back, the corridors of fate vanish with each new step taken. One's destiny lies neither ahead nor behind, but within. The reminders, so carefully scrawled along the way, are but indicators and once the realization hits home that the handwriting is none other than ours, concentration lapses and unfoldment begins.

Me, myself and I, the three kings of lore, are destined, as always, for greatness. Combined, nothing else exists. Separated, experience torments and needles us on. Achieving greatness is neither a right nor bestowed by another. Greatness is the Council of Twelve, alone in it's duty and with the forbearance of destiny. Meeting our Fate and Fates, in the game of Life, cannot be denied.

How is it you wish to be served?

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