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Let me get this straight:

The country uses secretive missions both domestic and abroad to further individual political ideologies. (Said another way, the fascists make their move.) When trouble arises because of these devious interceptions these same political power brokers turn their attention to "protecting the people". What a laugh!

There is no protection from secrecy, because one cannot intelligently engage the invisible enemy. Therefore, the first order of business is to expose and to bring to the light of day that which remains in the shadows.

This is the Scientology philosophy at it's best. To bring to the conscious mind that which remains hidden away.

But the fact that today it doesn't take a village idiot to see that there is something seriously wrong with this country says a lot. Unfortunately the accumulated effect of evil always leaves it's mark. We must pay the piper.

Mankind cannot survive unless and until we each take responsibility for our actions and as an outgrowth of that, to move up the dynamics of responsibility. And the fact that no one can do it alone means that each one of us must overcome the first dynamic before anything of note will occur. Our actions can only provide the means for falling on our face until we purge the depths of our own being first.

And then as we turn the eyes of our attention upon the planet's decimated morality, we will come to understand that something is indeed afoot. This is not human nature at work but inhuman purposes and plans being given free reign.

Is it not yet time that this come to an end or must we annihilate most of the population before subjugation occurs?

We cannot blame it all on the fascists who we allow to rule over us. We cannot place the blame for our condition upon some precisely planned traumatic event brought about by a created enemy. We must place the blame where it belongs, on our inability to stand vigilant at the border of our freedom. Freedom has already been beheaded, so don't worry, vigilance is no longer required.

But what is required is our innate right of freedom. No slave owner can own that which does not wish to be owned. Are we but fodder to be used and abused as another sees fit?

It is true that through clever propaganda we have been lulled to sleep and our vigilance curtailed to being on the watch for new and exciting entertainment. What deviousness! As our indoctrinated minds seek escape we find nothing but confusion, nothing seems to make sense any more and indeed this is as it should be.

Waking up to the world means leaving one's sleep behind. Perhaps the time has come, once again, to stand guard and resume our vigilance with due effort. Perhaps the time has come, once again, to remind the plantation owners exactly who owns who. Perhaps it is time, once again, to restore our rightful place in the affairs of Man.

The wicked may run, but the smell of fear can never been hidden. The wicked may hide, but there is more to deception than just pretending. Thoughts are a dangerous weapon and yet serve no purpose but to define one.

I see you.

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