Being honest with oneself, and others, is considered to be a positive characteristic which is greatly sought after by many, many individuals. Honesty is something desired both within ourselves and the others that are before us. We relish those who exhibit this quality both in their interaction with others and less importantly, within themselves. We know where we stand with these sorts of people.

I am never honest with myself or those who I come into contact with.

The trouble with honesty is that it requires it's twin, dis-honesty, in order for it to survive. You must know dishonesty in order that honesty become apparent. I know neither. I pass no judgement and convict no person in their lack or abundance of honesty or dishonesty. What is, is.

Auditing requires that judgment be examined and revealed for what it is - an arbitrary decision with which we base our future actions upon. I say to you that all arbitrary decisions are suspect, whether they fall under the label of 'honesty' or 'dis-honesty'.

Being oneself, as we are, not as we think that we are, goes way beyond arbitraries. You don't recognize good or bad within yourself, you recognize just yourself - exactly the way that you are. It is what spiritual freedom can be defined as being.

Yes, impingement can be defined as being 'good' or 'bad', but don't let those arbitraries fool you, they are simply that and have no other 'power' than that. Removing arbitraries is like cleaning up your time track, all the justifications and 'reasons' for doing one thing or another are wiped clean. There comes to be NO reason for doing one thing over another for ALL things are viewed as being equal.

Along the dynamics there is one called the 'God' dynamic, and for good reason.

It is not a state whereby a thetan 'becomes' a god or God. It is not even a state of existence at all. There is no overwhelming 'feeling' of power over others and there is no 'cause' for honesty, dishonesty, justifications or even for the love of Man.

The progression of the dynamics is just that - a progression. Beyond the idea of being and having a bodily existence, past lives and all, the second dynamic points out to us that others exist. And the dynamics point the way ever onward beyond 'good' and 'evil', beyond thoughts and things, beyond here and now.

Being honest with yourself requires that you come to understand that your body is not you and even the idea of 'you' is not even you. A thetan can be anything forever. It can even be 'you'.

Spiritual freedom means that 'you' become free of yourself. You become free of all that you think that you are and come to find your reality which escapes both mind and imagination.

If you are looking for honesty realize that you already have dishonesty. The dichotomy of existence encourages you to dive deep within the pairs of opposites, endlessly, and there are a lot of pairs to keep you busy for quite some time.

It is true that looking for spiritual freedom requires that spiritual slavery already be known. They are both of the same coin. In this regard, the pairs of opposites are used to destroy itself. When you come to realize your true nature you will see that you are neither free nor bound.

But thinking makes it appear otherwise.

A thetan creates the world in which they live every moment of it's existence. That is a lot of thought power. Imagine if reality became something which required no effort at all. Imagine if that reality were something which is already at your beck and call.

It's called spiritual freedom.

It's called spiritual slavery to the eighth dynamic.

You are not what you appear to be, and yet you are so much more. I see it. Do you?

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