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I found Ken Ogger's (aka The Pilot) Christmas message over on Mike Hunsaker's site and thought that I would post it here. The reason that I am posting it here is that as many people already know, when Ken first began posting as The Pilot, his Super Scio book helped spur the creation of FZA.ORG. What very, very few people know is that Super Scio indicated to me that the writer was headed in a very worthwhile direction. I'm not referring to all the many avenues of exploration in that book, I am referring to the overall direction of the individual called 'The Pilot'. To encourage the positive direction that I saw occurring, I created a space to allow The Pilot to reach fruition.

Unfortunately, as has been demonstrated over the last few years, and continues to be demonstrated, the body-centric viewpoint of Ken completely misses the original vector undertaken. This is not a direction that I would wish on anyone and to that end I am removing all of The Pilot's materials that I have hosted on FZA.ORG since day one.

Research, exploration and experiential desires are fine by me - as long as the overall direction is dynamically aligned to such a degree as the immediacy of bodily desires does not become overpowering. Where Ken is today, as reflected by his Christmas message, reflects the reality of all of his previous works. I would rather not encourage those works and have others end up in the same fashion.

Ken, may your future provide you with all that you wish to have, and more. Best wishes.

* * *

There are very few individuals on this planet that have a particular awareness and which deserve all the space, and support, that they need to carry through on their purpose lines. The Pilot's demise should not be viewed as a failure of the efficacy of Scientology. Staying true to Scientology's purpose lines ensures the rewards sought. Wandering out in the jungle ensures that you WILL get lost.

The significance of significances will drive anyone mad. You will not find your answer in the past or in the future.

From: "The Pilot" <>

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 07:34:15 GMT


Once again it is the time of year for loving and sharing and giving and forgiving.

Personally, I think that Christ lived and found that he was part of God, as are we all, and with love and forgiveness he was able to activate his godlike nature and manifest great miracles.

From all accounts, he was a wonderful person who only did good and never moralized or exploited people.

Orthodox Scientology has a poor opinion of Christ and Christianity because LRH said that it all came out of old (past life) implants such as the "Heaven implants" and R6 (routine 6 which mapped out various materials implanted by old civilizations).

But he was wrong, at least in regards to Christ, because the Christian mythology to which he was referring such as stairways to heaven and pearly gates and angels and devils and so forth does not originate with Christ but was added to Christianity later.

The early Christians did not even use the sign of the cross. Instead they used the sign of the fish. That is a simple loop that you can draw without lifting your pen from the paper. And it is quite easy to draw it in the air with your finger.

The cross was the sign of Christ's enemies, the Christ killers. It is an old whole track (past life) symbol and Ron was correct in having a bad feeling about it. I've even run past life incidents where the cross was supposed to keep the thetan in the grave after his body was dead and buried so that he wouldn't get out to come and haunt people.

Christ would never have used the symbol of the cross. He would be horrified at the current Christian usage. Imagine if he'd been sent to the electric chair and then come back to find people celebrating it by wearing little electric chairs on chains around their necks.

Sad to say, his enemies won and Christianity was perverted into the opposite of what Christ taught. He preached love and forgiveness and instead we got blue laws and holy wars.

He liked to heal people and feed them and make wine for parties and protect prostitutes.

He never preached the ten commandments or the law of Moses (an eye for an eye) but instead when asked about them he would say do unto others and love thine enemies.

And when it came to sex and adultery, he would only say that there is no giving or taking of marriage in heaven.

Or at least that is all that has come down to us in the heavily edited and rewritten New Testament.

My own recollection, from a past life in Antioch shortly after the crucifixion, is that he was preaching love in the physical as well as the spiritual sense. And much to my surprise, I looked in the history books and found that there really were free love Christian communities in Antioch at that time led by a disciple named Nicodemus and that there are legends that Jesus and Mary Magdalena went to live in Antioch for awhile right after the crucifixion.

In fact, there was an interesting article by Isaac Asimov where he explained that the book of Revelations was written by the Roman Christians to try to scare the Christians in Antioch and get them under their control. Of course that failed, so they used their political connections in Rome to get the Romans to slaughter the Nicodemian Christians.

Most of the persecution and killing of Christians in the Roman empire was at the instigation of other Christians. The most notorious was in Alexandria where tens of thousands of Christians were slaughtered by other Christians in a war between sects. I think that the notorious St. Augustine was one of the instigators of the bloodbath. He had been a Mennonite high priest who cognited that he could make more money by becoming a Christian leader.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the true Christians was that they believed in reincarnation. This was not just the Nicodemian Christians but most others as well such as the Nestorians and Gnostics. The main exceptions were the Roman and Pauline Christians.

Paul, who was originally named Saul, was one of the great despoilers and rewriters of Christianity. He was the chief enforcer for the Temple of Jerusalem and in charge of collecting taxes for the Romans and persecuting all those who were disobedient to the temple and its holy laws.

But the Temple had sold out to the Romans (which is why it was collecting taxes for Rome) and even the orthodox Jews were in rebellion against it. And so there arose independent holy men who called themselves Rabbis who were not priests of the house of Levi.

And eventually the temple was destroyed and the Rabbis became the Jewish religion as we now know it, but in the time of Christ they were still struggling against the temple and were known as Pharisees. Christ was one of these Rabbis (if you check the bible carefully you will see that he is called Rabbi by the disciples) and was aided by the Pharisees.

Paul was enthusiastic in his persecution of the Pharisees and they hated him bitterly. After the crucifixion, the Pharisees were helping the early Christians and there is even a point where the leader of the Pharisees saves the disciples from execution and gets them released.

But when Paul is "enlightened" on the road to Damascus, as described in the book of Acts, and became a leader of Christianity, the Pharisees keep warning the Christians against him because he was their bitter enemy and he had not reformed but only found a better way of using religion to gain money and power.

And so Paul needed to set the Christians against the Pharisees and had various books rewritten to change Christ's arguments with the temple priests into arguments with the Pharisees. And when minor rewriting wasn't enough, he began to replace original Gospels written by Christ's disciples with new fairy tales written by people who never knew Christ such as Luke, John, and Mathew.

There were at least 4 Gospels written by disciples. These were by Mark, Mary (Magdalena), Phillip (Christ's older brother), and Thomas (doubting Thomas). You can't even find a list of the 12 disciples in the bible nothing to say of the books written by them. The very fact that one of them was a sexy girl and another was his older brother (which makes a joke of the idea of his mother being a virgin) had to be hidden, and of course Thomas (one of the best known of the dead sea scrolls) is against letting a Church or Temple get in the way between you and God. Only a badly hacked up and edited version of the book of Mark remains in the modern bible.

My own belief is that all 12 of the disciples were pushed into writing (or dictating) gospels and that most of them are completely lost.

I see great parallels between what Paul did to early Christianity to take it over and ensure his power and the way that Miscaviage has dominated and perverted the CofS, but that is really another story.

Unfortunately we have lost most of tech that let Christ walk on water and raise the dead. Even his trick of exorcising demons by asking them "who are you" (mentioned in many medieval references) was not properly understood until re-analyzed in the proper context in modern Scientology. And his story of the tiny mustard seed is quite perplexing and tantalizing.

"If yee had but the faith of this tiny mustard seed, then you would move mountains".

But faith in what? He doesn't say. But I doubt that the mustard seed believes in God or even thinks about God. And so it is probably faith that it is a mustard seed and belief in its own existence. And it believes it so well that it is real in this world despite any attempts to convince it that it is something else. And it still tastes of mustard even if you smash it and cook it into something.

And of course he said that we were all Son's of God and that "Yee shall do greater things than I", never claiming a privileged position for himself. They would not have needed a council three hundred years after his death to decide that he was the "Only Son of God" if it had been part of the original Christian doctrines.

But the greatest perversion in my opinion is that they took this man who liked parties and preached free love and turned the religion in his name into an anti-sex religion.

The sheer effrontery of it. It is incredible. A total one hundred and eighty degree reversal. It is no wonder that the Catholic Church is finally attracting the bad karma of their sexual suppression. After something is suppressed, it eventually re-emerges in a perverted and degraded fashion.

It is possible that all degradation results from suppressing things that should not have been suppressed. If our basic purpose is adding to the richness of creation, then any attempt to suppress or "not-is" something causes it to reappear in a perverted form. And of course we don't want the perverted form and try to suppress it further, but that never works and things just get worse, hence the declining spiral. The only answer is to remove the suppression and work back towards the original form.

Christ preached love rather than sexual gratification. Making love consists of making your partners feel good and taking delight in their reactions rather than being interiorized into yourself. The failure of the sexual revolution of the nineteen-sixties was that the sexual energy was not balanced with a corresponding level of love and affection.

To raise the dead or even heal at a distance requires an incredible degree of confront of bodies on an intimate level. You can't do it by non-confronting sexual intimacy. Since Christ was famous for physical healing, the love he talked about could not have been a platonic spiritual-only thing that suppressed the physical aspects. He was not a Greek philosopher with their distain for real world practicalities and he probably did not even have the concept of Platonic love.

This is not to say that you need to sleep with everyone to heal them. But it is on the gradient. You certainly have to be willing to be intimate with them and do so with quite a few before you can do it at a distance.

Sexual intimacy runs very early on the track. It predates bodies, families, and children and exists even when we were gods, manifesting or not at our will. It starts as an overlap between two beings co-creating together. You can find this in the Home Universe era as an intentional synchronization of a portion of one's home universe with that of someone else.

And it is this overlap and co-creation that allows one being to heal another, because this is where you hand the keys of your kingdom, so to speak, over to another person.

Later on the track, when we become dependent on bodies that we create for each other, we also have the creative intimacy of the parent-child relationship. It should be obvious that parents are in a privileged position as far as healing their children is concerned and this follows logically from the fact of having given birth to the child's body. But it is a one way street rather than a peer-to-peer relationship and therefore will always have a bit of a problem in the form of children needing to establish their independence and create their own relationships.

What Christ saw was that the way out consisted of loving everyone; Not just the attractive people or one's of high status and power but everybody; Even the old and the sick and the ugly; Even your enemies.

Actually it was more than I could confront during that old lifetime in Antioch. The free love and the intimacy and caring within the group and the casting away of all jealousy and possessiveness were all wonderful. But we wanted to master divine healing and that requires a total confront of sick bodies.

And so our crusade was to heal the nearby leper colony.

Supposedly Jesus had done that on his path to enlightenment, joining a leper colony and sleeping with them and confronting them and catching leprosy himself and then mastering it and healing the entire colony. That was during his last year as a man before becoming divine and mastering miraculous healing and beginning his ministry.

But we weren't quite so able. Each year an advanced student in our group would join the lepers and end up with leprosy himself instead of healing them. But our commitment was to keep sending people there until one did heal them all and thereby would rescue all of our previous volunteers as well as the regular lepers.

When my turn came I chickened out and ran. It was a big overt for me, especially so because some of my friends and lovers were already trapped in the leper colony and hoping that I would be the one who cured them all. Instead I betrayed and abandoned them. That is probably why I ended up sick and with trouble finding intimate partners. Two thousand years of bad karma.

Christ's route to diving healing was just too tough. The gradient is too steep. What we need is a baby step in the direction of total love and confront.

We give to others once a year in Christ's name. We should probably do the same with unconditional love. Best might be an Easter orgy in Christ's name.

The attractive people might object to joining with the old and ugly, but this is how they would raise their confront and ensure that they remain attractive. And eventually this might lead to everyone becoming attractive since the rich get richer.

Once a year shouldn't be too hard to confront. Just be careful of disease and pregnancy and have parents send their teenagers to somebody else's orgy because they already dominate them too much.

I suppose that I'll get a lot of flak for writing this, but I feel like I'm righting an old wrong. I owe it to Jesus and the early Christians.

Give the gift of loving this Christmas.

Best Wishes to you all,

Ken Ogger
aka The Pilot

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