Why Reach For The Stars

Reaching in spaces and places beyond the inquisitiveness of desire, the remains of a past life, long forgotten and lost through neglect, knowledge achieves it's own bitter end.

Seeking knowledge, the hope of Man yearns forth in it's garb of warrior, full of splendor in not just itself, but of what is to come. Expectation, longing and desire, creates the reach we see before us. Egging ourselves on, we create the majesty of sight in order to behold a future in which we 'learn'. Taking notes, our remembrance leaves us with nothing in order that we make fully play this silly little game of ours.

Arriving at our own doorstep, we pass through unnoticed and as we wonder in despair, knowledge leaves us completely full, yet empty of substance. Growing, we seek out what we have imagined for ourselves, and arriving at our destination we board another train to carry us forward through our moment of non-silence.

Opening our hearts to those around us, we succumb to an awaking of what lies beneath the crusty exterior. Hardening ourselves against the onslaught we create, we tremble in fear and waver in our self conviction. Finding time to be alone, reasons abound not to be. Seeing ourselves as ourselves would surely break the expectation of life and living.

Breaking our bounds, freedom appears.

I live so that freedom may come to be cherished. Treasuring our altered view, we resist the temptation to be as we are. Fate must surely have other plans for us.

Carrying ourselves through time, our burden becomes heavier with each passing step. As the House of Cards tumble, so shall we.

Why reach for the stars, when you are already there?

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