Tape Name: Essence Of Auditing, Know To Mystery Scale

"Talk about human memory - phooey. I mean, there's no worry about this at all. The only reason a person cannot remember is because he is facing a computer that he expects to remember. He will know the computer is fixed when it remembers. You see? And then he'll say, "See, I fixed a computer. Ha-ha. Pretty good." He never gets it through his skull that what you're asking him to do is actually to know the answer. Because, you see, he doesn't have to have the answer out of that computer at all. He doesn't have to have the computer tell him a thing. It's just a gimmick, a gadget.

It has no more importance than the vending machines down at the Greyhound bus station. I mean, are you terribly concerned at this moment over the vending machines at the Greyhound bus station?"

- Date: 07 Dec 1954;
Tape Ref: 9ACC02 - 5412C07;
Tape Sets: The Solution to Entrapment (02 of 35);
Course: 9th Advanced Clinical Course (6 Dec 1954 thru 21 Jan 1955);
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

'Knowing how to know' can be described in many ways. Differentiation is a wonderful talent to have, especially in relation to the constant identification that is much more prevalent.

Take a walk on the wild side. Get yourself out of the computer information bank and see what I mean.

Wonderful stuff...

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