The Eighth Dynamic

It has been said that there exists dynamics beyond the eight already noted and described. I do not agree with that assessment simply because of the fact that the Eighth Dynamic is called the "God" or "Infinity" Dynamic. In response to the statement that other dynamics exist beyond the Eight, my questions would be "What part of the term "Infinity" is not understood?" You see, it becomes impossible to contain further concepts, ideas and opinions beyond Infinity. It cannot and will not happen for but one reason and one reason alone - the Eighth Dynamic has not been realized.

If the Eighth Dynamic has not been realized then of course, further concepts and ideas can be played out. But these things are all an attempt at gaining, and thereby constricting, the idea of 'experience'. Once the Eighth Dynamic becomes realized, there is NO further need for experience.

Within the totality of the Infinite, all else becomes known.

Here is an example of how even the First Dynamic is unrealized despite protestation otherwise:

The First Dynamic is considered to be the individual self. Once the First Dynamic becomes realized, then the individual gains a knowingness about themselves. They come to fully understand that they are not their body, but an immortal spiritual being. That happens when the First Dynamic comes to be fully understood and realized. What happens when the First Dynamic is not realized is the thirst for past life bodily existence.

In some circles, discussing past lives is like the 60's craze of "What sign are you?", referring to the astrological signs of the horoscope.

It has no bearing on anything besides the imagination as to who or what an individual was in some remembered time period of old. This is considered to be a "body-centric" viewpoint.

When the First Dynamic is realized, what becomes one's focus is the spiritual being, not the body being. There is a huge difference.

Many times you will see so-called "OT's" who have worked their way up the Grade Chart, exhibit an unrealized First Dynamic by focusing on body-centric viewpoints - whether that viewpoint is applied to themselves and/or others. When the First Dynamic realization is bypassed, so too are the many benefits of the Grade Chart. This is why it is extremely important to do the Grade Chart correctly the first time around.

Basing advanced concepts and auditing on an unrealized First Dynamic is to miss the window of opportunity in achieving the remaining Dynamics.

Please do not think that this missed opportunity is unredeemable - it is not.

Addressing the Eighth Dynamic at this time can be considered to be "out gradient", but I am jumping ahead of the game in order to provide a tiny glimpse into what lies ahead in order to rejuvenate purposes and goals. There is not an individual in existence who is not intimately familiar with the Eighth Dynamic, but almost all of these individuals are working very hard on running away from it.

When you run away from one Dynamic, you run away from them all.

The Eighth Dynamic is not a concept of a Totality away and apart from oneself. You are that totality. There is not a You and then a Totality. There is only the Totality which is You.

The mind, with all of it memories, logic and computations, is of little use in this regard. The Eighth Dynamic is not something which you can sit down and "figure" out. Similar to the First Dynamic, it must be realized - not quantified and qualified. When existence comes to be quantified and qualified, the Seventh Dynamic comes to full fruition. From there, it is a long way down to the First Dynamic.

Luckily, we are working on retracing our steps.

When the First Dynamic comes to be realized, the spiritual being that you call "You", has an outlook beyond the body line. The individual who has this realization has no need of following body related concepts and ideas. Past lives?, who needs it when your immortality is ever in existence. Body appearance comes to be viewed as being unimportant - that is why the svelte, buxomous blonde female seen on television or in the local mall is viewed in the exact same way as the individual who is dirty, unshaven and reeking of filth. Seeing beyond the body we begin to see that others too, are just the same as we are and so we begin to move ahead to the Second Dynamic - the existence of others who we hold close to ourselves.

When an individual has come to fully understand the First Dynamic, they realize that there is only one "road out" and that road is themselves. Looking for answers to one's inquiries outside of ourselves contradicts the First Dynamic. Continuously seeking "new" and "wonderful" experiences outside of ourselves demonstrates the unrealization of the First Dynamic.

Seeking Dynamics beyond the Totality of the Infinite demonstrates an unrealization of that Totality. You will never "find" the existence of a dynamic beyond the Eighth, but when the First Dynamic is unrealized, all sorts of possibilities can, and do, exist.

Don't let that fool you.

When you leave your bodily existence behind, your spiritual existence makes itself known. When you begin to curb your quantifying and qualifying tendencies, your spiritual Totality WILL make itself known.

Don't believe me? Prove me wrong by never caring again for your bodily existence. Prove me wrong by not "thinking" that you have realized the First Dynamic, but by achieving the experience of realization of that Dynamic.

When an individual knows that they are not their body, then no thoughts along their body line will be evident. No attention will be stuck on past or current lives.

The wonderful experience of the Dynamics is open and available to all. Bodily existence is an idea that has been around for a long, long time. Isn't it amazing that even after thousands of life times there are people who still want more. More money, more power, more "things" to surround themselves with.

It's a vicious circle when bodily existence comes to be seen as "all that is". Live a life, die, and do it all over again "forgetting" what has already been done. Over and over and over.

Imagine that when the First Dynamic comes to be realized, there is no concern for "death" or for collecting "things" while "embodied". When you have the First Dynamic under your belt, all times and places become one. You will not have existed in all of those times and places - you will only exist right here and now - forever!

That concept goes a bit beyond the First Dynamic, but I wanted you to know something about what your real nature is. Imagine "letting go" all of your past deeds, misdeeds, thoughts and actions. Imagine not having one bit of concern for the body. Imagine the amount of attention that would then be available for the pursuit of your spirituality!

Imagination does have its use, but realization is where imagination ends and reality begins. You can't even imagine what lies at the Eighth Dynamic when all your thoughts are directed along your body line.

When you achieve the realization of one Dynamic you achieve them all - to some degree, but don't be fooled into "thinking" that some thing exists beyond the Totality of the Eighth Dynamic. There is an end in sight. Why make the road even longer?


14 Oct 2003

An Additional Note

The thing about quantifying and qualifying is that the Bank has endless capacity for storage. It just goes on and on and on. And it all must be neat, orderly and organized according to the various filing methods employed. What a waste.

Maybe that's why cameras are ever popular.

As a reflection of the Bank, photo albums make wonderful gifts. Is it any wonder that many people confuse reality with the thoughts in their heads? As the pictures fly by we try to stay out of the way lest we become the effect of them. Unfortunately, the effect has already begun to take hold.

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