The Changing Of The Guard

The guard always changes. It's a requirement that posts become 'refreshed' over time. Even when someone is doing well on a post, after a while it becomes critical that change take place - for many reasons.

Sometimes, there are beings that remain on one particular post seemingly forever. For others, as their dynamics expand, so too do they. Not only do these same beings expand their responsibility, but they continue to carry along those responsibilities already accumulated.

Never leaving a post is a sign of stability.

It is like knowing one's own purpose line and sticking to it no matter what. After all, there can be nothing more important than one's own purpose line.

For some, that purpose line must become revealed, over time, to themselves as being just that - their purpose line. During that process, the changing of the guard becomes necessary.

What is deemed as one's purpose line is not always reality.

But once that reality is experienced, then there is nothing else in existence than one's own purpose. In the totality of existence, one's own purpose line becomes firmly embedded in that existence. It is, in fact, part and parcel of the reality of each being's nature.

Before moving along and carrying out duties as assigned, perhaps it may be better to engage in a bit of self awareness and ask yourself, "What is my purpose line?".

It's almost like asking yourself why you are here.

Make no mistake, you are here to carry out a purpose and when that purpose has been completed, you will no longer be here. We all have our time and times.

Believe it or not, you are not here to gain accolades for some 'amazing' feat. You are not here to 'earn a living' or even to find a 'soul mate'. You are also not here to rule this, or any other, world, universe or dimension.

Breaking out of the bounds of life which binds many a soul, is not something to take lightly. It doesn't take the process of doing everything imaginable, performing every job in existence, or even 'knowing all there is to know'.

To become a Free Being all one must do is to find one's true purpose line and never waver from it.

There is only one reason that you are here and that is to find yourself. It's an opportunity that not all have.

Obviously, if you are reading this, you are on your way.

Keep it going...

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