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Mission To Mars

If you take a moment to look around, you may notice that some of the names and titles of various objects have some sort of familiar or easily accepted way about them. What I mean is that these names may seem quite comfortable with us and may... 13 Apr 2004

The Eighth Dynamic

It has been said that there exists dynamics beyond the eight already noted and described. I do not agree with that assessment simply because of the fact that the Eighth Dynamic is called the "God" or "Infinity" Dynamic. In response to the... 06 Jan 2003


Being honest with oneself, and others, is considered to be a positive characteristic which is greatly sought after by many, many individuals. Honesty is something desired both within ourselves and the others that are before us. We relish those... 31 Dec 2002

The Personality of The Solid First Dynamic

There exists a number of dynamics in which the concept of a higher spirituality is exhibited. It starts from the first and takes off from there. What is the first though? Is it just the individual self, or is there more to it than what meets the... 27 Sep 2002

Facets Of Our Age

Past the minefields, beyond the edge of time, circumstances arrive to meet their maker. Giving life to the environment, it bends like the willow to ensure it's survival, and returns to greet us again and again. Everlasting and fulfilling, it... 06 Dec 2001

Organizational Chaos

Organizational chaos comes from the instability of its' creators. Much in the same way as any creation; the creation reflects the creator's intent and purposes. In light of this, where has the Scientology organization gone wrong, or has it? Mr.... 05 Sep 2000

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