Organizational Chaos

Organizational chaos comes from the instability of its' creators. Much in the same way as any creation; the creation reflects the creator's intent and purposes. In light of this, where has the Scientology organization gone wrong, or has it?

Mr. Hubbard had begun to coalesce the subject of clearing technology into a workable scale whereby its' application could encompass a grander scale than the one in which he was the sole proprietor. The urge to reduce the subject of clearing into computer language, easily replicated and processed by the masses has failed. This important discovery reminds us that we survive as sparks of life, individually unique and addressable in the same way.

Organizations can be perceived as being a larger game and in that sense they are. Group games are a larger game, but gross numbers do not reflect power, it has absolutely no bearing on it at all. Body count is another story.

To cross the bridge of freedom requires the individual to surmise of existence beyond the reality in which they are currently immersed. Organizations tend to assist in that endeavor, but over time what happens is that the original intent and purposes begin to become replaced with the organization's own survival purposes. In other words, the individual becomes secondary, and is used as such.

This is not the power of dynamics, but it is only a reflection of power.

Organizationally, Scientology has reached is limit and the coming withdrawal of governmental support will shatter the foundation upon which it depends. The fight for it's survival will be brief, but within that fight let us hope that the technology of mind based clearing does not become lost. The diaspora has already created the Free Zone and various other groups, formal and informal. When these groups begin to come together, the road to future possibilities will be restored.

The future of clearing technology lies in the hands of those that use it. By whatever its' name, man's spiritual understanding will predominate over the knaves of death, but only if so desired.1

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