Enslaving Ourselves To Freedom

Freedom exists for the benefit of those who have become enslaved by their own wishes. "Ask and ye shall receive." is a timeless axiomatic way of Life.

Enslavement partakes of entrapment in terms of definition and purpose. There is no where to go, so what better way to create "the way" than to lie about it?

The only discovery that Man will ever make is the discovery of thought. Thinking will make it so. This is stated within the confines of neither embellished thought nor desire based upon imagination.

Directions are created as road maps to heaven knows where. It is not the road that is important, it is the dreams we have along the way. Traveling without moving, the world moves as we see fit. Look at your surroundings and see for yourself the kind of world you have created for yourself.

The existence of thought carries with it the responsibility of nothing. There is no such thing as ethics. Carrying the burden of responsibility we enforce rules of conduct to ensure that the dreams become ever more 'real'. It would not exist otherwise.

By effort alone we create the desire of existence. Desire is merely our imagination in action and always occurs in the future and remains as the goal which we so strenuously 'work' towards. How funny!

The duality of spiritual freedom is non-existent, appearing only in the minds of those who are dreaming the dream call 'Life'. Postulating our futures, we enslave ourselves. Remembering our past, we chain ourselves to other times and places, all to no avail. A moment in time stretches to fill all time. Have you forgotten so easily?1

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