Getting Out Of The Way

As an identity, there exists that which has created the identity. This takes precedence over the clothes in which that 'something' uses to express itself. Resolving the identity helps to resolve that 'something' even though it cannot be directly experienced, strange as that may seem.

The 'prime mover' does not exist and is not limited by time or space. These are merely concepts within which form is given shape in which experience may occur. Sometimes, those forms take on a life of their own and 'forget' that they themselves are created concepts. When this happens, God no longer listens or understands. Identities then assume the identity of God.

As a concept, when an identity is able to move aside enough and allow for the existence of that greater 'something', strange things begin to happen such as understanding that the world in which we live is continuously created by ourselves for our own benefit and experience. We may also see how the identity we choose limits and binds us within the dream we create.

Getting past ourselves may be the hardest part of existence, because survival of the identity is a strong urge. We want to win in the game of life, even though each and every piece we use in the game has become broken over time. Surely, we will win the 'next' time, and so 'time' unravels and experience teaches.

Getting ourselves out of the way and allowing the expansiveness of eternity to come through changes the game entirely. No longer are there pieces to be used and abused. Instead, the dream takes on the unreality of creation. In place of 'survival', 'isness' overtakes all. Through that isness we begin to see our reflections and realize that without identities, we do not exist in the dream called life. With or without existence, we are. And once all is said and done, nothing has changed but the movement of ourselves.

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