Boundless Joy

The object of any type of processing, from our point of view, is to resolve sticking issues only. Handling and resolving every single item that comes up is a waste of time and effort, not to mention that it effectively outpoints you into the staging area called 'life'. If you want to do this, that is fine, there really isn't anything pro or con about it except your decision anchors. But, and this is a big but, if you wish to remain on target in event handling, then it is not a desirable action to undertake.

Up the "Bridge to Total Freedom" (r), things do get easier, but just remember that that simplicity is only revealed in comparison to the degradation of 'theta'. More correctly, I'd say that upwards leads to the joy of expressing dreams versus the joy of effectation. Again, both roads, even though unique in their aspects, remain the same. The question becomes: Are you a feeling "touchy-feely" today?

The so-called dwindling spiral is actually a hoax to convince others to share another's reality, but this is not unusual. As a matter of fact, this is what we all do in our own individual way. Next up is an overall cohesion which places goals in a wider sphere of activity. Surfing these 'spheres of influence' allows the creator endless possibilities of enjoying the creativity and boundless joy of Life.

Getting from 'here' to 'there' is actually a very simple matter. Doing it via sensory examination may not always be the most effective method, but this method does provide some interesting stimulus, and therein lies the contradiction. Sensations generated for one's own 'pleasure' cannot be the route to resolving those sensations. It takes just a bit more gusto than that.

Entertainment does have it's value. It is like that lovely vista along the highway of progress. Stop and have a look.

On the other hand, waiting for you, just ahead, are wonders of Life, Living and Creativity. Implant all you wish, I'd rath1

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    Entertainment, of dubious value, for your reading pleasure.



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