The Force Of Change

"You must BE the change you wish to see in the world."

- Gandhi

Overcoming the world with our own imagination is a wonderful feat, but reality and illusion part company when it comes to changing ourselves for the better. Change within us changes existence, imagination changes nothing.

If you wish for wondrous abilities in which imagination toils, the world remains as dangerous, if not more so, than before. Running from fear, we hide from ourselves, pretending otherwise.

Grand ideas can do nothing without individual metamorphosis. From 'believing' to 'seeing', our world takes shape. When the location is reached whereby the individual remains as they are, then the world will surely follow. Grasping in desperation, the world becomes the lion in which we tremble with fright.

Don't feel the force. BE the force.

'Improving' the planet is wishful thinking when the individual is unfree. From the basis of certainty, the universe takes form.

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