The Personality of The Solid First Dynamic

There exists a number of dynamics in which the concept of a higher spirituality is exhibited. It starts from the first and takes off from there. What is the first though? Is it just the individual self, or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

The individual self has everything to do with the absolute center of the universe - you. It all starts with you and expands ever onward. Sometimes,the individual never makes it past the first, and creates a scenario in which it becomes near impossible to see even a hint of the others. Being stuck in the first dynamic is actually a very painful place to stick yourself. The greater rewards of the higher dynamics are completely lost and out of reach to those who remain fixated in the personality of the self.

Out of the entire creation, a tiny, tiny slice is called 'me' and when that slice of heaven is jealousy guarded as if of utmost importance, then the following will result:

  1. Personality clashes. Engaging others, the fixated first dynamic individual remains fixated on themselves only. A free two-way conversation becomes next to impossible. When the 'personalty' becomes threatened with any type of truth, hostility ensues.

  2. Contempt. Regarding others as of much lower 'worth' then they, themselves, the stuck first dynamic individual will find any means of belittling others in order to misdirect attention. If others are of little 'worth' then they will be able to feel that much better about themselves being solidly fixated.

  3. Lies. Lies are the common tool for the unmoving. Truth frees, while lies stick. The more that others are boxed in with lies, the better the solid first dynamic individual will feel about themselves. Misdirecting attention helps to ease the pain of keeping oneself from freedom, but it does not last long. The price of lies, is more lies and when there are enough lies brought into existence it becomes impossible to "be" yourself. It's called escaping the reality of existence.

  4. Ignorance. Ignoring certain communication while avidly pursuing others, the stuck first dynamic picks their targets. With exposure comes the naked truth and that can not be allowed to happen.

As you can see, all of these contrary examples are rooted in the idea that only one thing actually exists in this universe - the 'me'. Being unable to distinguish the personality from the spiritual being defines the first dynamic. All they see are they, themselves, and little else.

Auditing is a first dynamic activity, no matter the attention placed on 'helping' others. You can't help another when you are in the way.

The 'FreeZone' (diametrically opposed to the 'Free Zone') exhibits a very strong first dynamic tendency. What you have of those few individuals who claim ownership, is a heavily influenced first dynamic. As a matter of fact that is all that the 'FreeZone' is - an individual power trip down memory lane.

The 'FreeZone' can improve your first dynamic. It can be improved so that you become empowered to assist and contribute to that cause - a greater first dynamic. Attempting to overlay the first dynamic upon all the other dynamics is not only unworkable, but is also contrary to what those other dynamics really stand for. You can try to be a 'me' on the other dynamics, but understanding will always fall short.

In order to gain a higher dynamic you have to stop thinking like the one you are in.

When an individual creates turmoil on the first dynamic it demonstrates the effort being made at creating an attempt at understanding that dynamic. In other words, they are trying to make sense of the dynamic, as it currently makes little, if any, sense at all.

This is why you see the insanity constantly going on in the newsgroup That newsgroup has nothing what-so-ever to do with Scientology or spiritual growth. What you will see there, and on alt.religion.scientology, is first dynamic'ers going at it full blast.

A first dynamic'er will never get past that dynamic through, with or by another first dynamic'er. It just won't happen. The play out of personalities will not only prevent that from occurring, but will even enforce the dynamic inhibiting characteristics.

You can't get out of the box with the help of those who are in the same place as you. An outside helping hand is always necessary.

I wouldn't trust an auditor that has fears which compel them to 'hide'. I wouldn't trust an auditor who easily talks about other people as if in low regard. I wouldn't trust an auditor who must meet 'overhead' and thereby place some arbitrary charge on 'spiritual growth'. I wouldn't trust an auditor that exhibits first dynamic characteristics even while voicing the characteristics of a higher dynamic.

With so many people afraid of getting past the first dynamic is it any wonder that the "What's in it for me?" syndrome seems as common as the air we breathe?

The only thing that is 'in it' for you, is you. Haven't you had enough of that already?

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