The Ivory Tower

You may have heard the term before. It's a place where someone sequesters themselves, (at their hands or another) so that they are unencumbered by outside influences and concerns. Why is it that someone would want to separate themselves from others? The reason is so that the impingement of other's wants and desires do not create an undo influence in the carrying out of some task.

As an example, a "Case Supervisor" is far removed from the preclear being audited so that the preclear's bank will not create any undo interference in it's erasure. The bank's natural reaction to dismantling it is, of course, to fight back. It's existence becomes threatened and the bank will use any and all tools at it's disposal in it's fight for life. (In reality it is the preclear who creates this scenario, but that is another matter.)

The "Case Supervisor" ensures the bank's destruction by not becoming the target of elimination itself. By sequestering themselves away, a clear and truthful picture of events can be ascertained free of outside influence.

Free Zone America is outside and away from the many individual (and their multitude of self created organizations) entities in the 'FreeZone' and otherwise. It remains sequestered away from outside influence and control. That is why I can categorically state that there are NO outside influences present here on this web site. This is also the reason why I do not encourage private email or telephone conversations. FZA is my ivory tower.

From this tower the first dynamic is NOT being addressed. I do not audit, train or even 'teach' along those lines. The first dynamic is not my concern here and now.

Yes, I am auditing you. But the only way you are going to see that is to move beyond the first dynamic which is so heavily fixated upon these days, especially by certain members of the 'FreeZone' (as opposed to 'Free Zone').

Free Zone America has never been under anyone's influence but my own, no matter the appearance. If you think that you have me pegged, you will be disappointed. If you think that my reaction can be predicted, you will be disappointed. FZA, in it's ivory tower, will only become understandable from a different point of view than the one in which you currently are fixated.

Just think, no monetary fees are charged, no 'overhead' to compensate for, and no first dynamic 'group' activity need be enforced.

All you get is a pure, unadulterated, Free Zone.

It doesn't take a higher awareness than of the first dynamic to realize that there is something much greater than ourselves afoot. Much greater.

Looking beyond oneself is the only spiritual growth there is. Anything else becomes, well, just plain ordinary.

From here, I can see for miles...

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