The 'Free Zone' Tone Level

Want to get a reaction?

The best way to get a reaction is to know the tone level of your communication's recipient. If you match the tone level of the recipient, a reaction occurs. It's almost like a natural law. :-)

The 'Free Zone' has a tone level of Anger. This is where the biggest reaction occurs.

It's true that reactions of various people in the 'Free Zone' do come from other tone levels, but this tone level elicits the most 'real' communication, as a group. There is an agreement with the tone level of Anger, and no matter how hard it is tried to cover that over with 'higher' tone levels, the falsity, after a time, falls away. It falls away because it is not the 'real' tone level. Anger is.

And Anger is what drives people to the various communication media, seeking an avenue of release.

Unfortunately, release never comes unless one's own 'real' tone level is acknowledged and accepted.

There is nothing wrong with accepting where you have placed yourself on the tone scale, as long as it is an honest determination. It's better to be an honest thief than a dishonest one.

There is a lot of hope for mankind resting upon the religion of Scientology. Anger would be an appropriate response to those who we feel are taking away the opportunity one has decided to create. But that doesn't really matter.

If you are swayed by those with an apparent tone level in the clouds, you will surely have a long way to fall. This is one of the reasons why real OT's work best with real OT's. There is no apparency involved.

Sometimes, Anger motivates us. It's especially useful when we become lazy and lack the self-motivation needed to wake ourselves up.

Whatever works will do the job.

Just be yourself first. Aren't you tired of being the someone else you thought that it would be good to be? Spiritual development goes hand-in-hand with being yourself. Not being the something you think that you are or might be, but just being. That's it.

Once you know who you are, there just won't be any anger to immerse yourself within.

Wouldn't that be a nice feeling? ;-)


About the question of the tone level of the actual Free Zone:

That's a whole 'nother ball park.

When certain tone levels harmonize, the vibration causes a ripple effect. Even standing close, one can get burned! :-)

Catch the wave.

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