The Blade

Space, the Final Frontier. Whether going forward or backward, the edges of space will never be found. Creating our way, the darkness dispells to reveal the path to our goal. In other words, it's never 'here' but always 'there'.

Space, and it's bride, time, together form the field of play giving us the moment and moments of our pleasure. Entering the game, we yearn for victory, but this victory is a hollow one at best. There is always another game, another field of play, another goal to achieve. Time and space continue to provide the backdrop upon which the movies of life are projected.

When games become enjoyable more are sought in which to 'win' and take glee. When games become unbearable, there is always another in which to 'win' by other than the 'accepted' means. There is something for everyone and everyone seeks that something with fervor. Must have.

The relationship of time and space upon ourselves becomes lost to the naked eye. It is the eye turned within which determines the importance of playing or not, of joining the game for a time or not or even of playing both sides of the game at once. In reality, there are no rules other than agreeable acceptance. What happens when the agreement itself comes under question?

The God of this Universe is You. You and You Alone determine it's fate. As the Master of Reality, reality becomes as you so see fit, and as the only valid reality of existence, it becomes the only reason to live for yourself and others. There is nothing else to be, see or do.

The God of the Universe game is not a long one. As in any other game, self edification runs it's course and dries up. There must be more. And so there always is.

What drives the hearts of man is the desire for more. The answer to eternity always seems to lie just over the next rise, just past the next hill, just beyond the edge of sight. Always just beyond...

Games are activity in motion for a defined purpose. Work is activity in motion for a defined purpose. There is no difference other than one of outlook and that outlook creates the reality of whether the work we do, the games we play are enjoyable or not. That reality is one in which we extract the feelings of pain and the feelings of joy and call them our own. Feeling our effects, we decide the degree of acceptability in which we will continue to 'play along'.

What your eyes behold is the reality you have created for yourself. Imagine that whatever your outlook is, it can be changed by simply looking out differently.

Changing one's outlook is easier for some than for others. For some, a changing reality is the game itself, while for others, it takes the Blade of Knowledge to cut hard and deep in order to slice away the thoughts which are held so dear.

There is no 'winning'. There never will be. But there most likely will always be a game to play.

It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game.

Make it a good one where everyone 'wins'. When everyone wins, the joy of victory is shared by all. What greater joy is there than knowing that it is all because of You. You made it happen. You allowed everyone to share in the delight of victory. And that is what is called a 'Games Master'. One who creates the field of play where everyone 'wins'. When you have affinity for all beings, you join an exclusive club which is open to all. It's a club that exists across the dynamics and beyond the universes.

There are no losers here in the Game of Life.

Now pass me that blade...

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