The Acsension Experience - Will You Pay The Price?

There is a thought process making the rounds in the 'FreeZone' (contrary to the 'Free Zone') and it is being promoted as the answer to 'fix' the problems inherent in previous 'ascension states'. An 'ascension state' could be defined as being a concept where the individual, at first finds themselves in a 'lower state', and through certain 'processing', gains a new, or 'higher state'. Supposedly this new state fills one with some sort of power, which, when connected to others of like mind, can create an even more powerful being. Exactly who it is that leads this 'power' struggle is clear, but what is not clear is the devastation that will be caused by this blatant misuse of Scientology. The name of Alan Walter's self-created 'processing' group is called Knowledgeism.

If you have the least bit of knowledge about Scientology, you will know that 'power' is not the desired result. What is sought in Scientology processing is the removal of the Being's moments of pain and suffering which inhibit the Being from recognizing it's own true nature. There are no 'states' to experience nor 'power' to achieve. What is gained in Scientology processing, when performed correctly, is the REMOVAL of the blockages which the spiritual being has imposed upon itself. This includes any 'states' of being and wild ideas of being some nebulous all-powerfull entity.

With Walter's Knowledgeism, nothing of the sort is undertaken. The desire for 'ascension' states and 'power' are the ruling enterprise. This desire will never, ever, 'gain' 'power' for Alan, or for anyone else for that matter.

The funny thing about power is that those who have it, don't need it, and those that don't have it, lust for it.

In order for power to be given to someone it must first come from somewhere. If one were to recognize that the Being produces whatever 'power' that may be imagined, then that 'somewhere' would be the Being itself. If that were the case, why would someone actually ENCOURAGE the 'interconnection' of Beings in an attempt to CREATE more power?

With that mindset, the author obviously lacks the knowledge of power to begin with.

If power were only created by Beings who reached 'ascension states', then that illusionary power is something which is being bought and sold. Do you wish to sell your soul for 'power'? How about money? Perhaps an 'ascension' experience?

It seems that the 'FreeZoners' are even willing to try and sell a bit of heaven in order to ease their own pain and suffering. It's too bad that what is being sold, is already free to all who want it.

But I wonder at the push for 'interconnecting' Beings in order to BECOME more power-full. My guess is that there is hope that with more 'power', i.e. 'group-think', the 'FreeZone' will come to be a place where those in 'power' will enjoy themselves more, and those that 'lack' 'power' will be willing to pay the price to get a taste of it.

It's funny. Until people started purposefully tainting the water, there was never a need to buy bottle water.

Just remember, before water was being sold, there had to be someone with enough evil intention to pollute the water to begin with. The 'reason' for selling 'clean' water came later.

The 'reason' for connecting Beings in order to create a more 'power-full' adversary is that the Fear of Change is in full swing. You never need power unless you are fear-full first.

Unfortunately, power doesn't erase the basis of that fear, it only covers it up temporarily. In either case, when you play with 'power' and any type of 'ascension' states, you will pay the price.

Don't waste your freedom on schemes and group-think. Spiritual growth doesn't depend on the Illusionist who creates wonderful pictures and experiences for all to 'enjoy'. The only power there is, is in the mind of man. The only 'ascension' state there is, is in the mind of man.

Beyond the mind of man, is the arena of spiritual knowledge. And you won't need any type of 'spiritual teammates' to show you the way.

Get off the grid.

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