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Knowledgism is derived from Alan Walter's study of Scientology. This, apparently, gives it an air of legitimacy. One of the things that Knowledgism, and Walters, put much emphasis on is the 'spiritual teammates' concept. Harvesting and... 14 Apr 2005

Using Stats For False Report

Sometimes, you will see various people in the 'freezone' using statistics as a means of justification of their rightness. What is interesting about this justification thru numbers is the fact that the reverse Scientology that is being practiced... 06 Nov 2002


From: "Alan C. Walter"Subject: Case LabelsDate: 1999/05/26Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology&According to Alan, if an individual is 'lucky enough', by exhibiting and embellishing upon contra-survival modes of behavior,... 28 Oct 2002

'Independent What?'

Alan Walter says that he is part of the 'Independent' field. I wonder if what he really means to say is 'Independent Scientology'. Of course, that could not be true because Alan Walter is not a Scientologist. How is this ascertained? Simple -... 28 Oct 2002

The Acsension Experience - Will You Pay The Price?

There is a thought process making the rounds in the 'FreeZone' (contrary to the 'Free Zone') and it is being promoted as the answer to 'fix' the problems inherent in previous 'ascension states'. An 'ascension state' could be defined as being a... 30 Sep 2002

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