From: "Alan C. Walter"
Subject: Case Labels
Date: 1999/05/26


We should celebrate our liabilities. Enjoy them, make more of them, for in doing that you are increasing the spacation, the energy, the time span, and objects contained within the condition, but more than that you get much bigger than the spacation, the energy, the time span, and objects, consequently they will easily as-is.

You may eve reach an ability regained state, as you will be able to mock up and unmock your SPness at will. Possibly even better, you will truly admire how great you are at being an SP.

Seriousness about a Case condition or Case label probably indicates it is an area of missing tech. And most of the handles are in fact exclusionary.

Lighten up folks.



According to Alan, if an individual is 'lucky enough', by exhibiting and embellishing upon contra-survival modes of behavior, regained abilities are to be had.

According to Alan, being an SP and really driving it home, will get you to spiritual freedom.

What Alan doesn't tell you is that, yes, spiritual freedom can be had by going out the bottom of the scale, but are you willing to pay the price?

Rising in tone, the individual becomes happier. Going down in tone, the individual becomes less and less happy. I suppose that you could exaggerate your unhappiness to such a degree that eventually, just possibly, you may find happiness.

This is a great reflection as to where Alan is coming from. He must be lonely, otherwise, why would he be looking for more company?

Encouraging others to fall out the bottom of the scale is called reverse Scientology.

I wouldn't call what Alan is doing as being anything even remotely connected to 'Scientology'. I'd call it just being an SP.

Remember what Alan says: When you are on the receiving end of an SP, be happy!

If that doesn't give you the shivers, perhaps Knowledgism will.1

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