Nothing To Say

Well, I've run out of things to say. On 21 Oct 2002 Mike McClaughry posted "Sabotaging Case Gain - Misapplication of O/M Tech" which pretty much set the stage for how things will be going not just for the 'FreeZone', but for the actual Free Zone as well.

The importance of that post goes way beyond setting the stage for things to come. I'd call it a turning point. It's the kind of turning point that I love to see.

There is no longer hope for Man, there is now concrete results.

It doesn't take a group of individuals, fleet of ships or even Council Directives to make a difference. All it takes is one person. Just one single person, and when that single individual makes and takes the right action at the right moment, the entire universe suddenly gets brighter. Isn't it amazing that all eyes can be placed upon one single tiny event out here is this little corner of a far away place called Teegeeack. Isn't it amazing that when some events are traced back, the actual cause turns out to be something so innocuous, so 'unimportant' that no one would have guessed that, for example, when the power company accidently had a one second pause in delivery it would have caused an individual in the slums, who was watching television, to suddenly realize that television mimics the reality he sees. After watching himself watch TV, he changes his entire life and winds up changing the world by going on to destroy the false reality of those around him.

Having hope is a future vision that always seems to be 'just ahead'. Wouldn't it be amazing to have it suddenly arrive at your doorstep? When it's at your doorstep, it's not hope any more, it becomes reality.

The reality of being is a discovery that will do more than just turn the TV of life off. It rips the cable box out of the wall and redefines not the illusion which many have come to call 'reality', but actual reality itself. The real thing.

When that happens, magic happens.

This truly is a magical universe and all sorts of wonderful, or magical, things do occur and continue to occur.

All it takes is a willingness to look.

Now that I have nothing to say, I just thought that I would say that.


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