Now That...

Now that the various business minded individuals in the 'FreeZone' have created a plethora of self serving sites, what can be in store for us next? What great magic trick will these individuals pull out of their hats to continue the charade of offering 'standard' Scientology processing in the 'FreeZone', which itself is defined as being a loose organization of like minded businesses practicing 'based upon the works of' technologies. Where one off-beat 'technology' is accepted, there lies a breakdown in being true to the religion of Scientology.

Placing faith and trust in one's religion requires one to hold true those beliefs which one practices. Voicing a belief and living the opposite conform to having no spiritual belief at all. As a whole, the 'FreeZone' enjoys gaining new paying clients by riding the coat tails of those who practice the Scientology religion. You will hear, quite frequently, that some particular organization within the 'FreeZone' absolutely uses 'standard Scientology'. Isn't it strange that an organization can claim to be a part of a group, which on the whole views the Scientology religion as being incomplete and sometimes unworkable, and at the same time proclaim to follow a 'true' path of religious freedom as defined by that religion?

That is very strange indeed.

That is what is occurring in the 'FreeZone'. If 'standard' Scientology were used, would it include the likes of 'creative' processing such as those channeled by Ralph Hilton? Perhaps it would include on of the many 'creative' processes of 'The Pilot'? Perhaps it might include the group-mind think of Knowledgism?

You see, when acceptance is given to these sorts of off-beat practices, then standard Scientology is thereby attacked as being unworkable. An individual only looks elsewhere for solutions to their problems when they are unable to solve those problems for themselves. Standard Scientology does not allow those types of off-beat practices mentioned previously because the idea here is to remain true to one's religion. If you aren't using standard Scientology and negating off-beat practices, then you are not being true to the religion itself.

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