Making Scientology 'Better'

All through history there are examples of great men and women performing great deeds, the repercussions of which are felt even today. Greatness isn’t confined to one single individual or entity, but allows the capacity for all to be great. The boundaries of the Spirit are endless.

Sometimes, the product of greatness is greatly appreciated by the world at large. At other times, it is ignored. And then there are times when the product is appreciated and ‘improved’. When it comes to the realm of spiritual instruction, especially in light of the fact that ignorance is the greatest enemy, ‘improving’ spiritual instruction can produce devastating results.

Wouldn’t you rather attain the benefits of spiritual instruction as they were meant to be attained?

There are those who come along to try and ‘improve’ the product of greatness. Does greatness need improving? And who is it that seeks that ‘improvement’? Without exception it is the spiritual ignorance at play which desires ‘improvement’. Gaining experience, ignorance becomes one’s true friend.

Those who alter spiritual instruction as laid out by the greatness that created it, are crying out for help. What has been taught has not been understood, so what is sought is something that is more understandable. ‘Improving’ spiritual instruction in an effort to resolve one’s own problem of not being able to understand the original instruction as it given, is not the answer.

The answer is to go back and see what was missed.

The advantage of pure spiritual instruction is that even when it is incorrectly used, benefits are to be had.

There are those who struggle, while altering spiritual instruction to suit their own ego, to ‘get out of the trap’. They never will. The trap is not understanding the spiritual instruction given and then going off into never-never land to look for the answer.

The answer lies with responsibility. You are responsible for your own case and condition.

You can alter everything in the universe in the hopes that it too will provide the answers you seek, but it will not. You can take pure spiritual teachings and confound, alter, and criticize all you wish, but the answers you seek will still not be forthcoming.

There is only one place that contains the answer. It is within you. Scientology merely points the way.

If you don’t like the way that is pointed, why not alter it into something completely different? Why not make it so that the answer lies ‘out there’ instead of where the responsibility really lies? Why not denigrate the spiritual instruction that can free you from your own irresponsibility?

When the spirit is in pain, all else becomes pained as well.

Take the easy route. Learn and understand the original spiritual teachings of Scientology as they were meant to be learned and understood. There are more than enough ‘based upon the works of’, alterations that are selling their wares, why buy into them?

Buy your own spiritual freedom with the payment of responsibility. Once you actually learn and understand the spiritual instruction already given, perhaps it is then that you will see there is really nothing to learn at all.

The greatness that lies just beneath the cover of irresponsibility is there for the taking. Take a peak.

It really is OK to look, but it is not OK to go wandering off into the tangled jungle of alteration. Have you had enough of that yet?

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