Getting Is The Problem

Fleeting glimpses of the beyond, in the hereafter, will there be such satisfaction as realized here and today. Living in all it’s glory, this lifetime provides all. In the reality we call ourselves, we strive for the perfection, never acknowledging the fact that we already are. Hearing words, the imagination takes flight. Hearing ourselves, we feel alive.

Despite the best efforts of man and machine, destiny fullfills itself time and time again. We indeed are what we seem.

Beholding ourselves in true light, we cover our eyes and see no more. Opening our imagination to what we see, we see. There is nothing else.

Providing ourselves with entertainment, we seek those in need. Passing the baton of knowledge, we fully expect the rewards due. Here we stand, awaiting the destiny of our creation. Inspiration never felt so good.

Clutching, we uphold our beliefs in total bewilderment. Is it any wonder we wonder? Is it any wonder that which we are seeking is already found and has never been lost to begin with?

Questions need answers, but none are forthcoming for there are no answers beyond the logical mind of our created master. It need not be.

Awakening into awareness is nothing of the sort. Beyond the purposes and plans of our desires, lies the ultimate reality in which you exist. In that existence, you neither live nor die but remain ever as yourself.

Change is not an option, why continue to try to fool yourself otherwise?

The bodily existence in which you have grown so fond of is nothing of the sort. Seeing is not believing and so we see. Sight unseen, reality binds us to what we are.

Tools of the Quest require their pay. What is the pay to be received in your quest of the Holy Grail? Will it be enlightenment or some other experience in which to take heed.

Awakening into awareness, the sleeper wakes up enough to discover that he never really existed in the first place. Awakening, the sleep of the gods overtakes us and reminds us that what you see is what you get.

Getting is the problem, shall you have more?

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