'Independent What?'

Alan Walter says that he is part of the ‘Independent’ field. I wonder if what he really means to say is ‘Independent Scientology’. Of course, that could not be true because Alan Walter is not a Scientologist. How is this ascertained? Simple - Walter’s ‘Knowledgism’ is off-source Scientology. In fact, it has nothing to do with Scientology. ‘Knowldegism’ is actually reverse Scientology.

Perhaps Walter, when referring to the ‘Independent’ field, means to say that the field, of which he is a part, is independent of Scientology. That, of course, would be the truth. Alan Walter and his squirreled ‘Knowldegism’, full of fanciful ‘Zones’ and controlled ‘spiritual teammates’, has nothing to do with the subject of Scientology.

If you want to feel more ‘power’ for yourself, go see Walter. If you want to be a part of a group which gathers and controls disembodied entities for one’s own benefit, then go see Walter and his group. If you want to add your voice to a group which seeks power over others, then join Walter’s style of ‘based on the works of’ Scientology called Knowledgism.

But if you are really serious about seeking your own spiritual freedom; if you are really interested in more than just the human experience, look elsewhere. Real Scientology in it’s true form, not the ‘based on the works of’ style of Scientology preached by Alan Walter and many others in the so-called ‘FreeZone’, already exists for the taking.

All you have to do is look.

You will see many, many style and personal opinions of what Scientology is and how it should be applied in the ‘FreeZone’. They are all wrong.

There are no styles when it comes to Scientology. There are no personal opinions when it comes to delivering the subject.

Scientology is not a smorgasbord where the hungry spirit can go to feast on whatever they so choose. Scientology is a road map to your own spiritual freedom. Not someone else’s idea of what it should be after choosing bits and pieces of Scientology technology to suit their own tastes, all in the name of giving you ‘the best of’.

There are always great men in history. And there are always those who are lower than man to come along and alter, for their own benefit, the good deeds of those great men.

You will never find real Scientology with those who use the subject as a spring board for their own desires.

You will find entrapment, violation of personal integrity and a degradation of spiritual freedom. Many in the ‘FreeZone’ can’t see this because the illusion of an alternate reality, heavily pushed by those few who are in control of that group, is keyed to greed. More ‘power’, more ‘money’, more ‘control’ over those around you - these are the goods being sold.

The question is - are you buying?

* As an added note: For those who confuse the Scientology phrase ‘some auditing is better than no auditing’ with the ‘FreeZone’, it should be remembered that the phrase certainly applies to real Scientology but when it comes to the ‘FreeZone’, the proper phrase would be ‘some squirreling is better than no squirreling’. It is not a pleasant thought.

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