Markabian Climatic Changes

Changes occur as they always do by a perception of necessity and desire. Through control, power is deemed to be demonstrated and through that demonstration authoritarian lines of respect, along with the proper humility, are hammered home. Power, in some corners of the universe, is considered as THE only respectable particle of the universes.

Along with power comes the categorization and demarcation of all that we see. Everything must fit into its proper place and thus act accordingly. There is no other purpose in life than to fulfill one's duties and responsibilities to those who have given you the life you lead.

Control has its correct time and place but like anything else, when used incorrectly, it begins to take on a life of it's own and that life is guaranteed to fall into the abyss of one's hell taking all those connected to it down as well. The domino effect works both ways.

Falling under the influence is easily remedied, and that remedy can sometimes come quite unexpectedly with an element of total surprise. There are those who endeavor to correct outpoints and many times, these corrections fall outside of the limited perception that is required for the domination of control. To that end, Markabian influences have already shown the signs of good fortune.

It is good fortune when the rank and file begin to take notice of such things as freedom. It is a sign of good fortune when the culture itself begins to peek beyond the veil of control to see what is actually going on, and as the uneasiness spreads, the seed which has been planted begins to reveal itself. The basic nature of Man cannot be denied.

Changes are afoot. Lots of them, and you can expect many more to be produced as the momentum gathers force. As the abyss of hell begins to recede, memories of old will once again reveal themselves and time will come to stand still. In that timeless moment, a taste of freedom will be had and it will not be soon forgotten.

My, what lovely times we live in!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

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