The Path Of Happiness

What better way to ensure survivability then to destroy? In destruction, we gain the sense of 'surviving' and in that surviving we constantly turn our thoughts to the next sacrifice. Someone must perish in order that we may live.

There are orders of magnitude in which this plays out.

What remains fixed is the idea that dominance, and it's companion, control, be ever in our minds. We cannot survive unless another succumbs. It is a game of force where no one ultimately wins, but as a show of how far degradation has occurred, even the temporary illusion of the thrill of victory is gleefully sought.

When those exterior to ourselves become viewed as being less than ourselves, our road to happiness becomes overgrown with the tortured souls of our past. As always, we create the road before us.

There is only one way to ensure survival and that is by taking the road of knowledge to it's fruition. Not by taking a partial understanding of that knowledge and using it to enhance the game of destruction, but by nurturing the deep conviction that becoming our true self has nothing whatsoever to do with seeking the destruction of others through dominance or self-praise.

When an individual rises up it always becomes the target of destruction of others of like kind. You are not an individual or the personality you 'happen' to have in this body right now. You are not the personality any more than being the personality of your last body or even of the disembodied state you found yourself in at some point in history. There is only one thing that can be attached to you are being you, and that is You. And even in that regard it is a pale comparison to your real nature.

When you see others using their personalities as weapons of destruction, you now know why it is so. When you see others hell bent on enforcing some thought or idea, you now know the game being played.

These are the games not of spiritual development, but of spiritual restriction. Containing the Free Being that you are is not an easy task. It takes a LOT of effort and energy to even TRY to make a dent in perfection. Imagine the opportunities when you let any imagined 'dent' become the shining smooth surface of perfection it always is.

If you are not meant for playing the game of destruction, what is it that you are meant for?

Perhaps, you will let yourself find out. But first, stop leaving tortured souls along your path of happiness.

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