The Golden Age of the Free Zone

Currents in time become definable only in relation to the passing of it. By itself, it has no meaning, but when motion begins to fill it's space, time has a way of becoming unmistakably solid. You can't get around it no matter what you do. Of course that is the reality perceived from the standpoint of actually being within the stream of time itself.

Following that stream of time, certain 'peculiar' moments seem to stand out. It's like hitting your thumb in error while you are working away almost roboticly at some task, enveloped in dreams captured in time. Of those moments, there is a certain little piece of paper that has come to carry great weight.

At the time, very little, if any, importance was placed upon that paper. In fact, it was treated in the same way as some mundane administrative affair, hardly worth the effort of giving it even a passing glance. Sometimes, the mundane can turn out to be one of the most earth-shaking of consequences in complete opposition to it's appearance. In fact, in some circles, this is the rule of thumb.

Secrets, when treated as the ordinary, become hidden by default, but the secrets that are treated with utmost importance, with no effort being spared in keeping them secret, stand out like no other. It does take a keen eye to see them, but that keen eye is only a result of the awareness behind it. In reality, there is no such thing as a secret, only the effort placed upon it to circumvent the unwanted attention.

That is the 'real' 'secret'. Unwanted attention.

The 'why' behind unwanted attention is the desire to hold. Jealously holding onto something and denying another the right to hold it as well. It is called greed. The idea of keeping something for oneself is a first dynamic activity, and can used to overlay the other dynamics in an attempt at 'covering' the overt. An understanding of the dynamics will reveal that no other dynamic contains greed, only the first. Other dynamics may exhibit the same pattern of behavior, but that is only because of the overlay phenomenon - there is always a specific 'someone' who is in actual charge. Higher dynamics than the first will ALWAYS be empty of the greed so ingrained upon the first. That is why it is so important to conquer the first dynamic before moving beyond it. You cannot expand upon the dynamics when the first is out. All that will be accomplished is an attempt at making yourself right on the other dynamics.

There is no place for secrets beyond the first dynamic.

But there is a place for events such as the Free Zone Decree.

There is a first dynamic 'think' perpetuated by some in the redefined 'FreeZone' that defines that Decree as no longer being of consequence. According to this popular 'think', the 'FreeZone' is some loose organization of individuals that may or may not practice Scientology. It seems that the Free Zone has come to mean what is convenient for a few individuals whose livelihood depend upon that redefinition and they have no problem in saying that the 'FreeZone' has nothing to do with the Free Zone.

It's like saying that (FreeZone America) has nothing to do with (Free Zone America).

Both are merely an attempt at using an established idea for purposes for other than that which they were originally intended, and the cause of that alteration is greed. These people WANT something and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it. What is that WANT? Money and power.

And that is the key which the Free Zone Decree was originally created to address. The first dynamic push for money and power is what squarely placed this planet in the position it is in today, and it's been that way for a long, long time.

When the mundane administrative affair was set in motion to create the Free Zone, where the entire peoples of this planet could consider themselves free from such outside influences who would cause harm, it was no secret. It still isn't as the creation of a safe space is nothing out of the ordinary, deserving great importance. It truly is an administrative affair.

But when that administrative affair becomes perverted in the name of a strictly first dynamic activity, then you can be sure that 'secrets' abound.

It's no secret that I am FOR the Free Zone. It's no secret that I am AGAINST the 'FreeZone'. Spiritual death can be considered the exact moment when a Being's attention is diverted in a 'must not' approach and succumbs. From there, money, power and the redefinition of terms comes to pass.

The Free Zone is what it is. Plain and simple. Not 'based on the works of' or some similar phraseology. The mundane administrative affair is actually a great moment in time. It created a moment and a path where individuals can spiritually grow beyond the solid wall of individuality called the first dynamic.

It truly is the Golden Age of the Free Zone.

Here is the Free Zone Decree as originally relayed by Captain Bill Robertson. Even though outside spiritual influence is not specifically addressed, it remains a moot point as economic and political influences are always the driving force behind it's subversion.

The Free Zone Decree

The FREE ZONE DECREE was received on Earth on the 10th of November 1982 at 1030 GMT. It states, (as relayed from Mainship, Sector 9):

Official Decree - Galactic Grand Council

The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9.

This Decree is issued by unanimous vote of the Grand Council.


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