The Killing of Koos

Koos Nolst Trenite is gone. I wonder why he was considered such a threat to those who wished to do him in? It's interesting how the turn of events reveal what is wished to remain hidden.

Games are like that. With some 'players', the game degenerates in it's usual fashion, and overt contra-survival actions are undertaken. And when those contra-survival actions are played out, suddenly no one knows anything, meaning that the rats crawl back into the woodwork desperately trying to escape the light. In other words, once the overt act is committed, 'innocence' must set in.

"We are all just innocence agents doing our job, that's all."

In reality, the harsh actions undertaken do nothing but exact the price of freedom. Or so it seems.

Koos, as a being, had some wonderful, sharp insight into a number of areas. Many people already know this. And some people jealousy sought to destroy it. Although there were some areas in which it seemed that Koos lost sight of his course, overall, he provided more benefit than harm, and it is that benefit which came under personal attack. He is not the first to receive this 'special' treatment from his 'admirers', but he is one of the ones who seemed to have lost the fight.

For that, the pointing fingers do tell tales.

When certain people come to be living relatively close to each other in the physical universe, you can be assured that a certain 'bond' exists. That 'bond' is not always something which is relished by those who are tagged.

The hunter always tags their prey before killing it.

Koos, you have completed what you sought to complete. Freedom takes it's toll.

May we all have the will to pay the same price.

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