Into The Eye Of The Tiger

Fearing the night, there is a tendency to shy away when darkness comes to call. That darkness can be overwhelming and full of one's worst nightmares and fears. It need not be so.

Darkness survives, and gains strength, in direct relation to the experience of 'goodness'. You can't have one without the other.

The 'FreeZone' seeks to solidify the experience of 'goodness' and thereby unleashes an array of dark nights. If you haven't encountered it yet, your continued presence in the 'FreeZone' WILL reveal it. When that happens, you will begin to doubt your 'rightness' of doing what you are doing, and begin to slowly slide into obscurity. Of course, this is the intent. Once you slide into doubt, the 'FreeZone' will show you the way out of that doubt and into the 'FreeZone' experience. You will be offered a piece of blue sky.

This is why I tell anyone who has the slightest interest in Scientology that to visit the newsgroups, alt.religion.scientology, or any one the plethora of false fronts presented on the Internet, will sound the death bell. The newsgroup is especially demonstrative of a few individual's idea of what it means to be a Scientologist. In fact, what you read on those newsgroups will be anything but Scientology.

The bickering, the positioning and outright antagonism that you will find belies the true spirit of Scientology. You will not find a Scientologist posting on the alt.clearing.scientology newsgroup, far from it. What you will find is pretenders and charlatans, all seeking to fullfill their own personal plans for money and power - the two evils of an aware being.

If you do find a Scientologist posting on that newsgroup you can be sure that they will be openly attacked and ridiculed.

Coming to realize your spirituality does not mean that you must bow down before others of lessor mind. Any titles so assigned by the 'FreeZone' are invalid and derogatory. The 'FreeZone' is not composed of Scientologists and therefor have no authority over anyone else, no matter the appearance otherwise. Appearance is all that the 'FreeZone' has left.

There are those in the 'FreeZone' who play the same organizational 'shell' games that the Church of Scientology has and is playing. As a matter of fact, the 'FreeZone' exhibits many of the same characteristics as that of the Church of Scientology. Since the takeover of the church, there are very few individuals left to carry on the torch of spiritual freedom. You won't find them in the 'FreeZone' because the 'FreeZone' is in the same boat as the church and share the same characteristics.

By invalidating the being, it is hoped by the 'FreeZone' that ALL people of the Earth can be united in one single enterprise. With a group-mind you will get group-thoughts. With those thoughts, you will become less and less aware of yourself, and more and more aware of your role in a 'us' versus 'them' society. There is no such thing.

Creating turmoil, the 'FreeZone' comes up with the answer to it's resolution. Join them.

It's then just a matter of time before the darkness rolls in.

Jumping into the Eye of the Tiger will get you nowhere but into it's mouth. Don't become the food so voraciously devoured by those who desire to lead the 'FreeZone' into a battle where the spoils of war are the beings themselves.

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