Fire In The Sky

Marcabians, the current 'rulers' in this little corner of the galaxy, pride themselves on being able to wear the emblems and adornments of "greatness". Of course sometimes, titles and regalia are located purely in the head.

As you may know, or even possibly have come to learn first-hand, Marcabians have tried diligently to ensnare the poor lost souls of Teegeeack. In their quest for "doing good", Teegeeack is looked upon as being in the need of a hero. Marcab wants to be that hero and has tried, and is trying, all sorts of 'freedom' gaining measures. Among them, there is one called "The Freight Train".

You can't stop a moving locomotive.

Well, at least that is the saying. In fact, Marcab uses this "full steam ahead" approach when running the various blockade measures set in place by those who wish to free Teegeeack from the various brands of 'freedom' being enforced. Freedom can mean many things to many people, but without a doubt, no 'freedom' can be had when exclusionary rights are enforced. Such is the case with Teegeeack. The Grand Council has made it known to Marcab and all else that the installation of individualized 'freedom' concepts by the various entities involved are unwise and unwelcome. Further, actual confrontation has been approved in carrying out the Grand Council's Free Zone Decree.

Teegeeack is free to determine it's own fate.

Now as to the Marcab locomotive running through the lines, there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy. Some 'outside' reports say that most of the ships have successfully passed through, while other reports clearly denote that about 98% of all ships are being vaporized. A few are getting through. Perhaps more information can be gleaned as to which ships are getting through. Perhaps the why will also be revealed at the same time.

Stopping a locomotive is not something that is easily done. It usually takes an enormous amount of time and effort to get the mass moving in the first place. During that time period it could be called the critical stage as that is when the entire concept is at risk. What causes that risk? Open and truthful communication.

When lies are exposed, mass is dissipated.

Marcab remained untouched and unimpeded during the 'critical' stage of gathering and moving mass. This is not a short amount of time that is being referenced. This is a time period that extends quite a ways. Today, we have the result of that mass in movement. Time and space have produced it's effects. Ethics and justice were not applied when most needed and therefore we have the resulting experience of today. This begs the question:

Why was Marcab allowed to create and sustain the moving mass in which they have placed all of their hopes and dreams? Why, in consideration of the great men and women of this universe, was Marcab left alone to do as they wished? WHY is it that in this point of time and space there are certain things being done to confront and handle Marcab? Why now? Why here?

That is a lot of why's, but they are all important in the larger view of things. Many people tend to view the experiences around them in a purely momentary reference. These experiences appear to be happening now, and so they are dealt with until the effects of those experiences seem to disappear. As in a Magician's illusion, most people will not, or can not, peek beyond the illusion. A simple 'why' creates interest. A simple 'how' creates action.

Those why's won't be answered here. What has been answered here is that about 98% of all unauthorized ships, endeavoring to locomotive their way through the blockades of Teegeeack, have been vaporized. They will not be returning home. They will never be "on their way" to Teegeeack.

Yes, provisions have been made for handling the thetans that find themselves suddenly bodiless, lifeless, and alone. The way through is the way through.

When a locomotive hits "The Wall", there is no turning back. When mass becomes dissipated there is no 'back' to return to. Believe it or not, the great men and women of this universe are just as great as ever. Sometimes, to teach, one must learn. To learn requires knowledge and insight as well as pain and sorrow.

The Fire In The Sky is nothing but the Fire Within.


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