Cruising At High Altitude

Well, all the ships have finally arrived. It seems like those darn supply ships are always the ones that are the last to arrive. That's probably because when a job needs to be done, the troops just go out there and do it. That their job. To get the job done, and sometime during the performance of that job a few little physical universe types of thoughts creep in. "Oh yeah, we need some food, don't we?"

You see, body maintenance isn't a high priority when it comes to on-the-job duty. That's the difference between having loyal troops and having troops that only look forward to getting fed. I'm not saying that loyal troops are those that don't get fed - quite the opposite. As a matter of fact, things ALWAYS work out and morale is ALWAYS high in troops that are given the respect and freedom they, and everyone else for that matter, deserve.

That's a funny word to throw in with the idea of troopers doing their job, isn't it? Freedom. But it's true. You would be surprised at the amount of freedom a trooper has when it comes to individual personal need. With high morale, there is nothing left to chance.

The dichotomy of troop conditions is amazing. One the one side, there are troops who don't even break a sweat at having to remain ship-side for an extended period of time, and on the other side, there are troops who actually go insane if pent up for even a short time. That is how you tell the white hats from the black hats. It comes down to being treated as the individual that you are. When you are no longer treated as the Free Being that you are, All walls become your prison.

The black hat guys are doing their thing, the white hat guys, theirs. With an ever increasing urge to 'win', the loss already achieved becomes more and more accepted. When you have the urge 'to win', you will surely gain failure.

That's why those troopers that I mentioned have no problem doing whatever the job requires. They're not out to 'win' anything or to ensure that others succumb at their pleasure. What could possibly motivate a soldier in battle to kill and yet create no death? In a spiritual war, there are no casualties, only Freedom to be achieved and that is why on the one side, troopers LOOK for physical comfort and on the other, troopers have no need of it.

It's not a physical state of being. It's the spiritual freedom to choose.

We all choose our destiny. You, and everyone around you, has that right. No one can take that away from you other than with your permission, and even then, you have the right to take it back unannounced.

When the supply ships come to call, it can mean only one thing. Someone is going to get fed.

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