A Reader's Guide to the FZA Forum

The posts found on the FZA Forum are not the kind of posts that you would usually find on other forums and the like. They are much 'different', and that difference shows in the unique and clearly self-determined viewpoint being expressed by the author. You see, without counter intention being introduced, all sorts of interesting things begin to happen and those interesting things usually surprise the daylights out of most people.

Surprise or not, the posts you will find on the Forum reveal data and information way beyond what is obviously presented. It's not the words, it's the concepts presented. As always, words tend to lag when high level concepts are brought into play, and when this happens, the mind just goes numb with complete lack of understanding. And that is the point. Bypassing all the thoughts, ideas and hidden 'feelings', high level concepts drive home like magic. Even went the mind is going full blast, there is a tendency for high level concepts to make their way home.

That is why the appearance of what you believe you are seeing, feeling or hearing, may not always be correct. Seeing past the appearance, reality takes shape and form. Once you see that reality, you WILL know. There will be no doubt, that is to say that the mind will temporarily cease it's influence.

The point in all this is to let you know that if you haven't noticed it already, an undercurrent of awareness lies waiting for you. See it and it is yours. Control it and it slips your grasp. Understand it and Freedom awaits.

The 'FreeZone' or 'FeeZone' is a loose organization of individuals and their front groups, dedicated to the task of emptying you of material goods in the name of spiritual 'help'. It's not the appearance that counts, it's the intention that carries the day.

Finding your way among the shards of destruction is not always an easy task. Luckily, there are many who care enough to shine a Light your way. All that you need do is follow it.

The difference in following the path of truth versus the path of lies, is that with truth, you always have a choice. Lies demand belief. The Free Zone, and FZA need no belief at all.

Beyond the imagination of Man, lies Reality. Perhaps you will encounter a taste of it on the Forum.

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